Child Allowance ("Kindergeld") in Berlin

The so-called "Kindergeld" (Children Allowance) is an allowance granted by the state Germany. Thus forms and required documents are principally standardized all over Germany. Both applications are handled by the institution "Familienkasse" which has representative offices in each provincial capital.

Still, you are dealing with individuals, and some officers do interpret the rules different than others, hence, inquire with your dedicated officer which documents to bring. Often, they appreciate personal presence for the hand-in of the documents.

The completed application form plus the required documents can be sent by post of fax to either Familienkasse office in Berlin:

Familienkasse Berlin - Children Allowance Application

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Read more about the legalities on the general Family Allowance Page.

Parental Allowance ("Elterngeld") in Berlin

The standard template called "Elterngeldantrag" is applicable for births after 01.07.2015.

If you have had your own income during the last 12 months (excluded are months taken off for child education), further forms need to be handed in.

The templates can be downloaded here. Scroll to the page bottom.

Completed forms and documents are to be sent by courier to your Bezirksamt.

Kita Voucher or "Kita Gutschein" in Berlin

Before you can enroll your child in a children's daycare center in Berlin, you must apply for a Kita Voucher. The voucher issued will allow you to take advantage of a place in the daycare center of your choice (if there is a place available). The day-care center can then redeem the voucher at the Berlin administration and receives a subsidy dependent on the age of the child, the extent of the allowance and the legal parental contribution.

Applications are dealt with by your assigned "Jugendamt" - the youth office.

The Kita voucher can be applied for nine months before the demand actually arises - at the earliest, or at the latest two months before the desired starting date for the care. In your application, you will provide information on your child, the desired care period, and, if it is not concerning of the last four years before the beginning of the school year, on your family's income.

In the last four years before the beginning of compulsory schooling, the care of your child in the daycare center is free of charge. If your child is given lunch, you will be participating at such cost by 23 EUR a month. For children aged 1 - 2, you will contribute to the costs depending on your income, the extent of care and possible reductions (for example siblings).

If you have found a free place for your child in a daycare center, you will enter into a care contract with that institution and hand in your voucher. The Kita management will support you with this. If you have decided for a day mom, you will conclude the care contract with your youth office and redeem your voucher there.