Like any other country in the world, housing in Germany cannot be generalized. Hamburg districts are completely different in character than Frankfurt or Munich districts, and accommodation costs are higher in Frankfurt than in Bremen. Currently, the two most expensive urban areas are Munich and Frankfurt, followed by Hamburg, and Berlin catching up quickly.

Finding a nice apartment or house is difficult, both in urban as in rural areas. Any "nice" living space in Germany's metropolises is highly sought after. Real estates are quickly gone from the market, faster than a foreigner could establish whether he would like that apartment. And in rural areas, houses rarely are rented out - they are bought. And marketed offline. Where would you actually look for an apartment or house? And what do you need to do to get your desired apartment in central Munich? Strip? Well, yes - at least financially you have to disclose any information you may think of. And in Dillingen, rural small town? Here you can actually dictate your own conditions. Our Relocation Managers will support you negotiating the best possible deal for you.





Searching Service permanent accommodation

This is our core competence. Benefit from our knowledge of the market and be sure to receive the best posposals currently available all over Hamburg. Please contact us and we will provide a quotation within a couple of hours only

Searching Service interim accommodation

Save the time and effort and let us search for you the ideal location. Get in contact and we will provide a quotation wihtin no time!

Exposé reviewing

We help you evaluate distinctive offers, get in contact with the contact person and set up visitation appointments.

I found the perfect place!

We support you compiling the requested documents, complete the personal statement, communicate with the landlord or agent - and if we are lucky he or she does already know us -, and forward and collect the lease agreement.

Rental Agreement Pre-Check

You want your rental agreement checked before you sign it? We tell you the deviations from standard and provide a rough explanation of the most important stipulations. Fee 50 EUR.

Mistakes in the annual "Nebenkostenabrechnung"

The calculation sheets determining your participation on the operating cost of your apartment are often very complex and difficult to to understand. And landlords often make mistakes. We can conduct a pre-correctness-check of your "Nebenkostenabrechnung" and explain the most important matters to you.

I can't follow up with the Deposit repayment

If you are moving abroad there are usually so may things to manage that you may forget about the repayment of your deposit. Especially, when it will not be paid within the next couple of months. Be sure your new bank account number is noted, and that the full amount is repaid in accordance with your rental contract.





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Want a pro to select the top apartments for you?

Or Relocation Consultants know if a location is good and matches your preferences and if the price is reasonable. Let them guide you through the available apartments and best present you as favorable tenant!