Peaceful and affordable, Plänterwald is a low-key district best known for its now-abandoned amusement park. However, this under-the-radar neighborhood also happens to have abundant green spaces and fascinating architecture from the 19th to the 21st centuries.

Plänterwald is the antithesis of trendy neighborhoods like Kreuzberg and Prenzlauer Berg, and its inhabitants appreciate the absence of big-city buzz. What it does offer are clean, safe streets, lush park and garden areas, diverse living options, and quick connections to the city center.

The River Spree is the district’s northern border - Alt-Treptow, Baumschulenweg, and Neukölln border the neighborhood to the west, east, and south, respectively. Spreepark and its corresponding green space, which are officially part of Treptower Park, take up about a third of the geographical area of Plänterwald. The northern part of the neighborhood features a mix of stately 19th-century mansions and apartment buildings (mostly on the Am Treptower Park boulevard), along with partially renovated buildings and new buildings with modern fixtures. The architecture on Köpenicker Landstrasse, which divides the district between north and south, is primarily made up of prefabricated buildings. In the southern half of the neighborhood are a number of so-called Kleingartenkolonien (small garden colonies). The southern and eastern parts of the district offer a combination of restored old buildings, row houses, and some single-family homes. Kiefholzstraße, Köpenicker Landstrasse, Am Treptower Park, Dammweg, and Bulgarische Straße are the busiest streets in the district.

Plänterwald’s most famous leisure area is the now-defunct Spreepark, a once-popular amusement park in on the south side of Treptower Park whose future remains uncertain. Recently serving as an offbeat destination for guided tours and photo shoots, Spreepark is closed to the public for the time being. Still, the neighborhood offers residents plenty of green space to relax and rejuvenate, including the forests, meadows, and walking paths in Treptower Park, as well as a trail running along the banks of the River Spree.

Although there are supermarkets that stock the basics, shopping possibilities are minimal, not to mention spread out. The closest options for clothing, housewares, and electronics are at the Park Center shopping mall in Alt-Treptow.

The restaurant/cafe scene in Plänterwald is limited to a handful of mediocre places, though there are plenty of excellent food and drink options neighboring Neukölln. Cafe Behring, Cafe Sack, and Backerei Matthes are attractive spots for coffee, snacks, and light bites in nearby Baumschulenweg.

Public transportation is relatively accessible, with S9, S85, and S8 trains stopping at the Plänterwald S-Bahn station, as well as bus lines traveling to Köpenick, Rudow, Schöneweide, and Neukölln.

Average Rental Price per m2
7,10 EUR

Building Style Ratio

Apartments 83%
Houses 17%


22% Families, 6% Couples, 8% Singles