Wedding is a multicultural, mostly young and hype neighbourhood which belongs to the larger district of Mitte and has retained a real Berlin feel to itself. The atmosphere in Wedding is different from the rest of the more posh and trendier areas of the larger Mitte district. Wedding used to be a blue collar, lower middle class, industrial neighbourhood and since the sixties it is also home to a large number of Turkish immigrants. Wedding was always known as a dormitory neighbourhood for lower income families but because of the progressive gentrification other Berlin districts, and increase in rental prices, it also appeals now to a larger number of young artists and student population which used to previously live in Prenzlauer Berg, Kreuzberg or Neukölln.

Wedding is situated in the northern part of Mitte. It is well connected to the centre -Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte are within biking distance from certain areas of the neighbourhood- and the south of the city, but traveling times, both on the U Bahn and S Bahn can be long.
Its close proximity to Tegel airport make Wedding an ideal place to live for those traveling often in and out of that airport. The drawback being louder noise, in some residential areas, because of aircrafts taking off and landing in the vicinity. Gesundbrunnen railway station also connects the district to Regional transportation.

Wedding population is largely multiethnic, multicultural and young. Students, artists and a large number of immigrant families find Wedding’s low real estate prices and its closeness to the city center attractive. A strong Turkish community has also inhabited the district since the 60s. While it is estimated that more than 30 percent of Wedding’s population is of foreign origin, a good number of local Berliners, most of them pensioners, are also residents of the neighbourhood. Wedding isn’t a tourist destination and most of its residents are proud that it has, so far, resisted gentrification and retained an authentic Berlin atmosphere as compared to more popular and trendy neighbourhoods.

Real Estate can be found in some rare and highly sought after Altbau buildings, but more often flats can be found in more modest older buildings or in 70s type of functional real estate. Some new Neubau projects are being built, though less so than in other Berlin neighbourhoods. Larger family friendly flats are available in the most residential streets , as are low budget accommodations for couples and students. In the northern parts of Wedding larger surfaces are available in old Industrial buildings for artists and for commercial purposes.

Wedding offers a wide array of multi cuisine restaurants, bar and shops, Everyday necessities are easily available, in local supermarkets and, the more commercial streets, feature spaties (late night open shops ). Gesundbrunnen Center is a larger traditional shopping center which offers shops, food court and recreational facilities.

Although less green than other Berlin neighbourhoods Wedding also offers some nice green areas for recreational purposes, among these, the Humboldthain park and the green areas along the Panke river, are among those more popular with its residents.

Average rental price per m2

7,20 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartments: 79%, Houses: 21%


21% Families, 5% Couples, 9% Singles