Whether you are looking for support with your relocation to Germany or you are an employer who wishes to facilitate the arrival of a new employee with relocation services, in any case these changes go along with a variety of organizational challenges.

Challenges, that can be resolved the fastest way with a good team at your side that comprises relocation experts, experts of the city, people with an intercultural understanding and expertise, organizational skills as well as an excellent local service network.  All of this we unite at The Red Relocators.

Benefit from of our nation-wide organization, our professional experience and our local expertise!

Look forward to your relocation to Germany.

Supported by The Red Relocators.


Our Relocation Managers are based in Germany's urban centers Hamburg, Bremen, Hanover, Berlin, Cologne, DuesseldorfFrankfurt and Munich and from there they also cover the surrounding areas.

Review our Relocation Managers profiles on our team pages!

Should you be moving to another city or region we would support you via one of our trusted partner agencies. We guarantee highest and homogenious process quality - whether or not the services are rendered by our own Relocation Manager or by our partners.


The scope of our relocation services is tailored to our customers' very individual requirements. We provide all organizational services related to a relocation to Germany and support for a smooth transition with the most reliable and professional team.

The right service areas represent the typical issues turning up during a relocation and are - especially to a non-German speaker - extremely time consuming and often resolved with a suboptimal result.

Let our Relocation Consultants take that burdon off your shoulders, give you the room to embrace the change and relax  - with the complexity moved to a relocation expert!


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Moving into a new environment causes a great demand for information. The research can be very time-consuming and hardly will you find all information at one place. Our relocation guides aim to be a valuable tool for those relocating to Germany.

General Information

You will find general information on systems and procedure which do not differ from state to state, like

  • Pre-requisites for a Bluecard or other residence title and procedure
  • Where to register and what documents to bring
  • How taxation and social security works in Germany
  • Information about the healthcare system in Germany
  • Information on rent, sidecost and security deposit, on the real estate market and its players
  • Procedure for diverse administrative undertakings: appointments with authorities, bank account opening, public TV, driving licence conversion, kindergarten-voucher, children allowance or parental allowance, and more

City-specific Information

Here you will find

  • our most valuable district profiles of Hamburg, München and other cities following, with profound background information and many pictures allowing to get a first understanding of how life will be.
  • information on the state-individual schooling system, and maps of creches, kindergartens, primary and secondary schools with a bilingual concept, especially international schools in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt
  • a list with recommended English speaking doctors and the hospitals in reach
  • information on public transport and available car- or bike-sharing options


Our processes are supported by one of the most modern collaboration tools.

  • We work with so-called service files which contain our standard process description, helpful links to external background information, internal templates and official forms, checklists and expense management. This guarantees that every Relocation Manager performs to the same standard and is up-to-date with the newest information.
  • Each client's case is set-up with all the service-files representing the individually booked services. They are presented in hierarchical and logical order allowing for high  transparency and easy follow-up for the Relocation Manager.
  • Our Relocation Manager are kept up-to-date: Adjustments to procedures, changes in law, new insights - all this is shared organisation-wide via our internal newsstream.
  • Each job-file as well as each service-file is allocated to a dedicated team of relocation consultants, with the team lead to coordinate all services and the communication to you, our client.
  • A sophisticated calendar function allows to monitor available appointments with authorities.
  • Our cloud-based file server allows for instant access to all client-related documents with carefully set periodical access-rights for the team.
  • A professional CRM system enables a professional order-in and invoicing procedure, again keeping the Team Lead and Key Account Management well informed about the business with you, our client.


We at The Red Relocators are highly professional and engaged with passion. With our comprehensive experience and our broad expertise on the one hand, and our professional serenity and humanity on the other, our Relocation Managers combine all attributes that will ensure a smooth transition to your new environment.


Some relocation serives are relatively complex and require permament research for changes and a considerable amount of specific experience and knowledge - for these we do have

  • our Specialized Teams: they deal with services telephone & internet, registration with public utilities, reviewing of the lease agreement and cancellation service in the cause of a departure.
  • our Partner Network:
    • immigration lawyers, Holger Guse and Dr. Michael Wrage, legal practice MWHG
    • our indpendent insurance brokers (Glyn Brookman & Astrid Rombey)
    • Christopher Knipp, BRL, member of RSM, supporting our clients with regard to any tax issue
    • Kristina Michaelsen, legal practice Kanzlei Michaelsen, our lawyer specialised on Rental Law
    • Wolfgang Kössendrup, Transport Krumpf GmbH, taking care of the physical move of your household belongings


95% of all apartments and houses are published in one or more of the big webportals for real estate property. A strong network of real estate agents established over the years represents a benefit for you, our client:

  • real estate agents know us as reliable and knowledgable partner
  • experience told them, that our clients are financially solid tenants
  • efficient document exchange and education of the clients about legalities and custom procedures reduce
  • as a consequence, they are more willing to influence the landlord to your, our client's, advantage

Note: The Red Relocators work completely independently - there is no commission scheme in place with any real estate agent and our code of conduct requires strict adherance to objectivity.

Over the years we have built a comprehensive database of real estate agents. The data recorded allow multiple filtering, ie. on furnished / unfurnished homes or focus districts. We also evaluate real estate agents and are thus able to judge whether they offer tenant-friendly agreements or merely act on behalf of the property owner.

This database allows efficient housing inquiries to complenent the search of the real estate portals.


Protection of our clients' data is important for us and it is therefore a key element of our code of conduct signed by each of our Relocation Consultants: client-related is to be treated confidential unless specifically necessary to provide.

Our Collaboration tool is secured via a 2-factor authentification. Any data transfer as well as stored files is subjet a 256 Bit SSL key and the web application qualifies for the security standard WAFEC 1.0.

Archiving regulations require the deletion of unnecessary client-related information after 6 months of the final invoice.



More references can be found on our Facebook Page!

KundenstimmeWe have used The Red Relocators for several of our employees when opening our new office in Hamburg. They were absolutely helpful and not only took away a lot of workload but also reliably got us the best deal for any matter we come up with.

- Paul Murphy (MD Express Feeders) -

KundenstimmeWe have just smoothly settled in our new home in Hamburg, thanks to The Red Relocators! I moved from Dubai with my husband. We were extremely happy with their services and thus recommended them to my husband's colleagues because his Geneva office was relocated in Hamburg. Everyone seems happy with them.

- Eunice Lee (Marketing Manager) -

KundenstimmeWe had about an 8 week window to sort everything out (in which we only had time to visit Hamburg twice for 2 days) and they were able to help us get everything done - which never would have happened on our own- In the four days total that we spent in Hamburg we found a house we love, a school for my daughter, an English speaking OBGYN and midwife to care for me during the rest of my pregnancy, and registered, etc. My husband and I both feel it was the best money we spent in our move!

- Mary Ardini Butzlaff (Investment Banking) -

KundenstimmeThey were quick and reliable and suggested all apartments which fit my wishlist. I have tried a real estate agent first, but he only had one apartment that fit halfway and the number of available apartment on the net was huge. I did not even know where to start. HamburgRelocation (predecessor of The Red Relocators) did a superbe job selecting the right ones for me.

- Louay Shaat (IT Architect, Panasonic) -

KundenstimmeDear Katrin and Kerstin,

Let me thank both of you the kind support you provided during the apartment search in Berlin! It still seems a bit unbelievable to us that we could so quickly find our new, beautiful home! We are all so happy! Special thanks for Katrin who made a really good job from the beginning, understanding our preferences perfectly, supporting us with valuable advices, managing the whole process till the contracting, and also was a lovely company during our stay!

- Peter Kiss & Petra Ambrus (IoT business manager, Conrad Electronic) -


Interested in our services for your company or your private move? We appreciate your inquiry!