Typical German customs during the Christmas season Roughly 47 million people in Germany are registered members of a Christian church, close to 56% of the population. 5 million are Muslims by religion, and all other faiths make up for less than 1% of the population. So, one can say without hesitation that 95% of the […]

Welcome Culture: Easy living in Germany for foreigners?

The right wing gained sympathies all over Europe and any day we can read about crimes directed towards foreigners. The people seem to hate them. Fire is laid in refugee homes, southern-looking young men are threatened and beaten up on open street, German politicians request that illegal immigrants are shot at the border should they […]

Understanding Germans – No. 5: Dressing up accordingly

Photo (c) Nomad_Soul / fotolia.comThis is an extraxt from a most awesome article published here:”Plan made for the day? Insurances in place? Great. Good work! Now it’s time to change out of your Schlumperklamotten and head outside to face the day head on. You’re going to need to get appropriately dressed.*WARNING! AUSLÄNDER! WARNING!* Outside is […]

Understanding Germans – No. 4: Life is risky and a risk should be insured.

Pic by Rainer Sturm / Pixelio.deThis is an extraxt from a most awesome article published by Adam Fletcher:”Everyone knows it’s a jungle out there. Hence why we created the phrase. So, before you go out into the jungle and start swinging from its high branches, it’s wise you be sensibly insured. Germans, being imaginative people, […]

Understanding Germans – No. 2 Breakfasting

Photo: Heike-Fischer / PIXELIOIn Germany it’s a break”feast” not a break”fast”This is an extraxt from a most awesome article published by Adam Fletcher:”Coming from England, I was very surprised to see how important the kitchen is to the German people. The English tend to treat it purely as a room of function, like the toilet, […]

Understanding Germans – No. 3 Planning, Preparation, Process

Pc by Rainer Sturm / PIXELIOThis is an extraxt from a most awesome article published by Adam Fletcher:”So far, so good. Look at you, you’re up early, you’ve got your radio on, no doubt some Depeche Mode is blasting out, you’re eating a slow and ponderous German breakfast, you’re acclimatising very well, young Ausländer.Now you […]

Understanding Germans – No.1 House Shoes

Photo (c) Wishfoot88 CC BY 3.0This is an extraxt from a most awesome article publishedby Adam Fletcher:”So, here we are then my little Ausländer. Your first day as an aspiring German. You’ll have woken up in your bed, probably because it’s gotten light outside and you don’t have curtains, because curtains are evil and suggest […]