Activities with Children in Hamburg

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Having children ourselves we have been searching the internet endlessly to find new attractive locations and events which we share with everybody on Facebook. Most of what we recommend we have visited ourselves.

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More than 200 recommended locations and events in and around Hamburg give inspiration for weekend plans. Postes come in English and are very personally written. Enjoy!

Hamburg is a very family-friendly town.

The city has invested a lot into childminding and on how to ease the pain to get back to work after children were born. There are numerous playgrounds, and a lot of them have undergone extensive renovation. Next to every museum offers a children section and special events. The public pools are partly extraordinary; we have a zoo, a slot car racing center, several indoor play halls, children theatre, event farms and, and, and.

There is so much to discover that you will forget that you are in a foreign town until you suddenly recognize that three years are over and you feel very much at home!

Expat Forums with sections for family related topics

There are a couple of forums where expatriates exchange their experiences they've made when coming with children. If you are concerned about how your child will deal with the language, how easy or difficult it was to find a kindergarten place, how to get along with the German way of parenting and, and, and... you will mostly find a similar discussion in one of the forums.

We can recommend all of them. Members are very active and friendly.

Hamburg Mothers Meeting

Hamburg Mothers Meeting (or in short HMM) is a membership requiring forum on facebook only. Apart from very helpful Q&A, the purpose is to regularly hold playdates in the homes of and hosted by the members.

Hamburg Girls Gone international

Girls Gone International was founded by Anne Scott when she lived with her husband in Hamburg. Since then, the group grew international, and the female members are very active and helpful. While they also have a nice website and a regular magazine, their community mostly communicates on their facebook page, of which you need to become a member.

Toytown Hamburg

Toytown is a huge community with hundreds of thousands of members in Hamburg, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and other cities. Their Q&A section has a long history, and thus nearly every topic has been discussed several times and it is expected that you use the search function before posting a recurrent topic. Their forum is separated into different headlines, one of them being "Family Life".


Internations is also a worldwide community of expats. They have a special guide "Family & Relationships" with several articles on making the move with children. The probably does only work if you are already a registered member. Their forum has no distinctive family section, however, family-related questions are answered in the Expat Q&A section.

Familles Hambourg

Familles Hambourg is a forum for French-speaking families and comes in French language only. The overall forum is also quite active, and they do also have a specific "Les Enfants" section. They have a website as well as an active Facebook Group.

Children’s books with a reference to Hamburg

For a child, the move to another city is also a tremendous change. To explain the new city in a fun way there are many nice books available. The best way to get them is via an online bookstore like or, you can also get them at Thalia or other bookstores, although you may need to order them at the site.

Magazines with recommendations for children in Hamburg

While we ourselves offer a lot of tips for activities you can do with your children in Hamburg, we can never be comprehensive. The below books offer a lot of additional information like sports clubs, furniture stores, cloth stores, etc. They come in German only.