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Homes are primarily found via web advertisements published in one of the big real estate portals in Germany. 95% of all apartments or houses becoming available are published in either of these - especially when located in the big metropoles of Germany.

When you are heading to less urban destinations real estate agents are the best option as well as local small newspapers. Yet again, the big portals will have most of the ads. Read more about the role of Real Estate Agents and what they can do for you - in contrast to what a Relocator can do for you.

Depending on which accommodation solution you are aiming for you will screen - or we will screen - different portals.


The above three are the biggest portals and the most up to date. You find anything here, from apartments furnished or unfurnished, with or without agent commission, houses, offices, storage.... They come in German only. They cover 99% of the market - it is sufficient to focus on them. All of them come in German language only.


The above websites are the most popular ones if you search a short-term furnished apartment. Most of the apartments are specifically held for this kind of lease agreement. Only seldom there are apartments which normally are used by the original tenant/landlord and rented out whilst he is away. The above portals have in common that they don't own the apartments but are simple platforms for landlords to publish their available living space.

On top of that there are corporate housing companies in every bigger cities which offer hotel-like apartments of all sizes, also for families of four. Often they offer additional services, like cleaning, and often, they are more expensive.


  • WG-gesucht (specialized on rooms within an apartment)
  • easywg
  • "Mitwohnzentrale" - there are several platforms focussing each on one city

The above three contain objects more directed to students as these are rooms within an apartment and you will share kitchen and bathroom. Alternatively, the original tenant is seeking to cover his expenses whilst being away for a longer period. Whilst the rooms will mostly be unfurnished, the apartments are usually furnished in the individual style of the original tenant.


These latter real estate portals are smaller and less frequently used. Objects are not always up to date, search functions are a bit more limited. It is however, still worth a try.









By the way: this and more information is also available in our DIY Tool!

While we only post information valid generally for Germany, you will find city-specific info in our DIY tool. This content is an example for what you'd find with regards to the detail available.

Get step-by-step guides on how to search and secure a home, which agencies provide good interim accommodation, which districts are the most popular, how lease agreements look like in detail, how to contract utilities with the local provider in your new home town etc.

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