The so-called "Kindergeld" (Children Allowance) is - like the "Elterngeld" (Parental Allowance) - an allowance granted by the state Germany. Thus forms and required documents are principally standardized all over Germany. Both applications are handled by the institution "Familienkasse" which has representative offices in each provincial capital.

Still, you are dealing with individuals and some officers do interpret the rules different than others, hence, inquire with your dedicated officer which documents to bring. Often, they appreciate personal presence for the hand-in of the documents.

Child Allowance ("Kindergeld") in Hamburg

The completed application form plus the required documents can be sent to:

Familienkasse Hamburg
20069 Hamburg

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Read more about the legalities on the general Family Allowance Page.

Parental Allowance ("Elterngeld") in Hamburg

The standard template is applicable for births after 01.07.2015.

If you have had your own income during the last 12 months (excluded are months taken off for child education) further forms need to be handed in. They can be downloaded here.

Completed forms and documents are to be sent by courier to your Bezirksamt. Check the address here.

Read more about the legalities on the general Family Allowance Page.


A weekly child care of 25 (kindergarten including lunch) / 30 hours (daycare nurse) will be free of cost for all children from birth to pre- or primary school. Pre- and Primary School is, in any case, free and is unconditional.

If your child is older than 1 year and does not yet go to pre- or primary school, the KITA Voucher will be granted to you without the demand to prove your occupation. When your child is younger than 1 year old, or you are applying for a discount for care above 25/30 hours, the KITA Voucher will also require information on the reasons why you cannot take care of your child. It is, however, no judgment on your decision to work, study or learn German - on the contrary.

Parents who have already applied for, or have already received the KITA Voucher, do not need to do anything to receive the full discount.

The maximum private contribution is due once your monthly family income exceeds the upper limit as indicated above. The cost rates, as well as the discounts, vary depending on how many children of yours are sent to a crèche, kindergarten or day care nurse.


Some districts take 3-6 months to grant the KITA voucher. The discount is then backdated, but earliest from the date of application. This means that you have to advance the full cost for the period until the authorities send you the voucher. It is possible to change once with regard to the hours covered. The procedure then usually is much quicker.

Cost involved

Childminding in a creche or kindergarten

Caretaking Hours
>5 hours daily
Private Financing after Kita Voucher discount deduction Upper family income level
12 hours 22 to 204 EUR 32.761 EUR
10 hours 22 to 204 EUR 2.914 EUR
8 hours 11 to 191 EUR 3.017 EUR
6 hours 4 to 115 EUR 3.017 EUR
Your individual discount can be checked with the online calculator.

Childminding by a day-care nurse

Daycare nurses can negotiate their monthly fee freely if you have not been given a KITA voucher. With a KITA voucher, the daycare nurse receives a specifically calculated amount as stipulated in the legal regulations. A contract should be entered into.

> 30 Hours per week
Private Financing after KITA Voucher discount deduction Upper family

income level

>41 hours 21 to 175 EUR 2.761 EUR
31-40 hours 13 to 129 EUR 2.710 EUR
 Your individual discount can be checked with the online calculator.