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With our partners in different countries of the world we are able to offer excellent Recruiting Packages for highly sought after talent like medical staff or software developers.

Whereas, our relocation packages support you from the point in time where a person is identified, the bigger challenge for many small and medium sized companies is to actually find the talent.

Where the German labor market is empty and vacancies exist for several months conducting business successfully becomes a challenge. Projects cannot be staffed and opportunities are lost.

When discussing with the peers of Germany’s medium sized businesses we very often hear that they suffer from the lack of applicants in Germany but cannot hire foreigners because their clients would not accept English as project language. We do understand the difficulty; however, there are solutions to overcome this challenge and, after all, if you don't want to miss out on business opportunities you have no choice.

The findings of these discussions are underlined by numerous studies dealing with the available workforce in Germany, or better, the lack of it. Mostly due to an aging population our entrepreneurs cannot staff projects and lose out on opportunities. The numbers vary, depending on what scenario the researchers chose for the impact of technological development, between 150.000 to 250.000 missing people to do the job. An enourmous amount which is next to impossible to achieve with the current immigration process, onboarding process and change management process. Our authorities are already overwhelmed with the small number of 15.000 – 25.000 work immigration cases a year.

Recruiting in a foreign country is next to impossible unless you have a local set-up understanding the education and qualifications as well as the level of experience and expectations of local talent. Likewise, there will be a mismatch of expecations unless you have the same broad experience with the German market. We are working with both, local recruitment agencies with set-ups in the other country who bring the expertise directly, as well as with suppliers in the foreign market, where The Red Relocators act a intermediary to match both sides expectations.

Our services comprise:

  • Define the optimal recruiting process (phone interviews, video interviews, questionnaires)
  • Support with developing the company presentation for local expectations
  • Set-up of hard job requirements (language, technical skills etc)
  • Support the Recognition Process in Germany of vocational trainings of other countries
  • Train the German language, remotely, at site in the home country and later continue in Germany
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