If you come to Frankfurt with children, you are entitled to the same family allowances as all over Germany: children allowance, parental allowance, and Kita voucher. Albeit the Kita voucher is handled differently in Hessen than in other German federal states. As a foreigner, it is difficult to find guidance online since everything is written in German only.

Thus we compiled the most important facts in English in our Relocation Guide.



Child Allowance “Kindergeld” Frankfurt

The completed application form plus the required documents can be sent to:

Familienkasse Frankfurt/Main
Fischerfeldstr. 10 -12
60311 Frankfurt am Main

Read more in German on or


Parental Allowance (“Elterngeld”) in Frankfurt

The relevant institution where to hand in the application is

Amt für Versorgung und Soziales, Walter-Möller-Platz 1, 60439 Frankfurt/Main
Telefon: 069 15671, Fax: 069 1567491, E-Mail:

Application forms are available here (German language only).

The standard template called "Elterngeldantrag" is applicable for births after 01.07.2015.

If you have had your own income during the last 12 months (excluded are months taken off for child education), further forms need to be handed in.


Kita Voucher in Frankfurt (non-existing)

In contrast to other German cities, Frankfurt does not offer a Kita Voucher but subsidies the kindergartens directly. The cost of care depends on whether your child is cared for in childcare or a children's day nursery and how old it is. In the children 's day care centers, which are affiliated with the Frankfurt remuneration system, two different remuneration rules apply - one for "Kindertageseinrichtung" and one for "Kindertagespflege". The staff of the institution will let you know if it is either a Kindertageseinrichtung or a Kindertagespflege.

For childcare in a so-called "Kindertagespflege"

Independent of the family income this monthly contribution is the same for everybody. It is not applicable for creches and does not need to be applied for. Depending on the weekly amount of care, a parental fee is payable to the municipal school office. In case of changes in the care package, the parental fee to be paid is also changed. The parental fee is to be paid by the day (also during holidays or illnesses of the daycare staff).

  • more than 10 to 15 hours → 75,00 EUR
  • more than 15 to 25 hours → 125,00 EUR
  • more than 25 to 35 hours → 175,00 EUR
  • more than 35 to 45 hours → 225,00 EUR
  • more than 45 to 55 hours → 275,00 EUR

(Amounts as per January 2017)

An additional discount is granted if a second, third or fourth child is visiting a creche or kindergarten.

For childcare in a so-called "Kindertageseinrichtung"

  • For children under 3 years

For children in nurseries and nursery schools, as well as for children under 3 years old in kindergarten groups, the current monthly parental fee is:

For a full-day place (9 to 10 hours) 198 EUR
For a part-time or two-third place (7 hours) 158 EUR
For a half-day course (4.5 hours) 138 EUR

  • For children older than 3 years

For children older than 3 years cared for in the nursery and afternoon care, as well as in extended school supervision, the monthly parental fee is:

For a full-day course (9 to 10 hours) 148 EUR
For a part-time place (7 hours) 118 EUR
For a half-day course (4.5 hours) 104 EUR