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Speaking the German language and understanding German customs create a feeling of belonging and understanding.

For some professions it is also a legal requirement. Our German language packages  and our culture packages contribute significantly to the success of an assignment.

If the country you’re relocating to has a different native language, it is vital you and your family take time to learn it, so that you can successfully become a part of your new community. With the new immigration law effective 01.03.2020 foreign skilled workers can more easily come to work in Germany, however, the big obstacle remains the required German language skills. We help you reaching that required level. Read more about the language requirements on the website of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees. Whether you just need a refresher or require a beginner’s course, we can tailor our German language packages to each individual. Our culture coaching programs are 100% customized, too, and will help understand behavior and rules which are different than in your home country.

Culture coaching is usually a 1-day event held in the office or your home and supplemented with going outdoors to visualize the differences in culture and customs. Our culture coaches have extensive experience in their field of expertise. Travel Expenses will come on top.

The unhappiness of the spouse is very often the reason why assignments fail. Our spouse program gives her a good head start to grow roots in her new home town.

The Red Relocators offer 1:1 language and culture training via our partner ESZETT. ESZETT is specialized on finding local language trainers who can come by your office or your home and accommodate to your individual schedule. They offer language and culture training worldwide and their renown clients are companies like Nokia, Nestlé, Fronius, Froneri, Grand Hyatt and ThyssenKrupp. In Germany they conduct language trainings for Volkswagen, Orlen, Deutsche Bahn, Boeing, Knorr, Vibracoustic, audibene and a lot of small and medium-sized companies.


Usually, the level B2 is necessary to able to speak fluently in a business environment. There are 2 sub-levels per level, i.e. B1.1 and B1.2, and for each level completion you will need between 45 and 60 hours. Starting from scratch and aiming for B2 by intensive 1:1 training is an expensive support, thus, we recommend to start with intensive 1:1 and then change to group learning or continue with an online tool and seek for examination preparation only when it comes to higher levels.

We provide language lessons for adults and children in a combination of face-to-face lessons and on-line lessons, so expats and their families can choose the lesson format that best suits them. Teachers are flexible, always aiming to fit the classes in with the pupils' schedules.

  • Beginner's Package
    They enable learners to learn the basics of a new language so that they can navigate day to day life: buying groceries, getting on public transport, talking about the weather, and so on.
  • Advanced Package
    This is for people who want to be able to talk more fluently: these lessons are ideal for expats who need to be able to conduct business in their host country's language.
  • Technical/Business Package
    For people who need to develop their technical business vocabulary.
  • Accent Improvement Packages
    These lessons are ideal for expats who want to work on their pronunciation
  • Examination Packages
    These lessons are specifically designed to prepare for the examinations by telc, Goethe or equivalent.


Usually, the level B2 is necessary to able to speak fluently in a business environment. Where an employer needs to hire more than one person from a foreign country to staff a department or project where similar vocabulary is going to be necessary, we offer customized group learning. An often inquired Group Language Package is the preparation of medical care personnel.

Where there is learning material existing we can rely on this or draft completely customized vocabulary trainings. Alongside with the gramar training and base vocabulary these courses prepare to pass the official examination required by the respective category of work. Such trianing can be started in the home country and can then be continued in Germany once the required minimum skill level is achieved (for example B1 for medical care personnel which enables them to work some limited hours).


  • Online test for all candidates and grouping in accordance with the skill level
  • Regular progress evaluations and reporting to the employer
  • Preparation for the examination in the required skill level satisfying the requirements of the work permit


Living in the 21st century, no matter where we are physically located, we are all citizens of one world thanks to the information exchange by the internet and other constantly evolving technologies. As open and tolerant we are, when we find ourselves in a completely new environment, not only language-wise but also culture-wise, we need help to acclimatize.

Our Culture Packages follow a complex approach focused on increasing the knowledge and skills one requires to adjust to a new culture as much, and as quickly as possible. This involves the professional training of employees focusing on the cultural differences between the country of origin and the host country, between the nationalities and/or religions.

We will discuss, together with, which are the preferred topics of interest, for the employee, the spouse or the children. The culture coach will then prepare a training streamlined to these topics of interest. Our relocation guide as well as our blog publishes helpful insights intop German culture.


The Cross-Cultural Training is a highly benficial training when conducting business where people of various nationalities are involved. The thorough understanding of the culture of each country is essential for the success of any business operation. After all, anyone who wishes to work internationally is required to have intercultural competence skills. Low cultural sensitivity can result in poor client relationships as well as loss of business.

On the other hand, a well-designed Cross-Cultural Training can improve your international meetings, international communications (both face-to-face and technology based) as well the exchange and implementation of your ideas and actions.

Our trainings will be customized to the cultures and business backgrounds relevant to you.

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