Municipal Registration in Germany
Municipal Registration in Germany

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(c) Rainer Sturm / Pixelio


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Germany is known as the country of rules.

When moving to Germany you will need to consider a lot of bureaucratical steps to establish residency in Germany and be able to work, live and enter into contracts smoothly. We call the services around this bureaucracy "Settle-In Packages".

Some of these steps are more important to your future employer than others, which are of purely private importance. Accordingly, we have distinguished the "Business Package" and the "Private Admin Package". You can choose packages as well as individual services.

Moreover, we have compiled a lot of super helpful articles in our Relocation Guide, which will give you extensive background information about the diverse bureaucratical steps to handle.


The Business Admin Package is always recommended because it makes sure that Payroll Accounting has all necessary data as soon as possible.

  • The registration not only initializes the tax id, it is also required for the residence title application. It is further prerequisite of contracting many services. We will prepare you for the appointment, make the reservation where possible and accompany you to townhall registration. We will furhter explain the implication of tax classes and what to do once the family joins you. Likewise, we will explain and support with the public broadcasting fee (GEZ).
  • We inform about the banking system in Germany and help setting up a regular salary account as well as a security deposit account if applicable. We search for branches with English speaking customer management and accompany to the appointment.
  • Understanding and signing-up for the German Social Security System, especially healthcare, is the third vital topic to take care of. We will explain the system and the implications on your payroll, we can sign you up with selected public healthcare insurers offering VIP services to our clients. We also cooperate with an independent insurance broker who has built a special Expat Department. There are only very few insurers offering English service. Should you decide for one without English service, the broker will support in case of claims. Our broker is also the right person to advise you on private healthcare.


The Private Admin Package supports you and your family with your private administrative tasks to perform once in Germany. You can book these services individually or as a package deal. They comprise everyting from driving license to dog registration or search for specific doctors.

  • Additional insurances (private liability, household content, legal defence, etc.) – coordination with broker
  • Support with taxation: Explaining the system in general, setting-up with a tax consultant for annual declarations, 1-hour tax counselling, valid for one year
  • Internet set-up with one of the big providers. The contracting of internet is tricky and next to never is a smooth operation. The technician does not show up, the product sent is wrong, the cable cannot be found, the router cannot be connected. Most of these issues we can help resolving. The service is remote only.
  • Dog Registration
  • Residents' Parking ticket where applicable we will help you file the application and advise about the process (remote only)
  • Registering a Freelance Business: Explaining the various legal forms and their implications for taxation and accounting, filing registration support, follow-up with clarifying initial questions. The service does not replace counselling by a tax consultant. Remote only.
  • Family Registration, incl. your own Re-Registration where applicable
  • Search for a doctor (general practitioner, paediatrician, gynaecologist, dentist), arrangement of first appointment
  • Support with driving license conversion we reserve and join the application appointment with authorities and explain the process
  • Support with re-doing the driving license we help searching for emergency aid courses, driving school, opticians to conduct the eyesight test, appointment arrangement with authorities and one accompaniment.
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