Departure Packages Germany
Departure Packages Germany
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Our full-service Departure Packages reduce the workload and stress when leaving Germany.

At a time where your mind is fully occupied with the excitement lying ahead dealing with bureaucracy and admin staff of the place you are leaving behind is not the most satisfying thing. Let us take care!

We’ll take care of all the practicalities involved in a move abroad, leaving you to focus on what you need to do to make your move a success. Select your services from our Departure Packages based on your individual situation and benefit from our expertise to properly and efficiently deal with the necessities.

As always, you can book the whole Departure Package or select individual services!



  • Cancellation of Lease Agreement for apartment/house
  • Cancellation of Lease Agreement for parking space
  • Explanation of the contractual rights and obligations of the tenant when moving out (no legal advice), pre-visit of the apartment (ideally together with landlord to establish renovation requirements)
  • Accompaniment to handover of the apartment, witnessing the handover protocol and counter readings
  • Communication with the landlord over repair matters after handover
  • Follow-up of repayment of the deposit, follow-up with the consumption calculation, explanation of the final calculation, explanation of withheld amounts
  • Cancellation of the contracts with electricity, water and/or gas provider, follow-up, explanation of final consumption calculation and due amounts
  • Price comparison painting (RFQ for 3 alternatives), organizing painting work, review and forwarding of invoice
  • Presence during removal of furniture, painting or repair works - by the hour


  • De-registration from the town
  • Registering a re-direction for postal receipts for 6 months
  • Cancellation of internet & phone contract, follow-up and explanation of final payments, send-back of router (pick-up and posting)
  • Cancellation of cable TV or similar TV option, follow-up and explanation of final payments
  • De-registration with GEZ, follow-up and explanation of final payments
  • Notification of the Familienkasse for child allowance (Kindergeld), any number of children
  • Notification of the Social Security and request for status quo, explanation to client
  • Information of continuing insurances, explanation of final payments
  • Notification of the respective Tax Authority
  • Cancellation of magazin abonnement, gym, or any other membership, follow-up
  • Quotation for removal services by our preferred partner
  • Individual clarification of topics - by the hour, expenses excluded
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