Self Relocation
Self Relocation




Need to handle your relocation at low budget and still want to do it right? Our Self-Relocation Packages will be perfect for your needs!

We understand the necessity to keep cost at bay, especially in case you need to finance the move-related cost on your own. Likewise, we offer these Selr-Relocation Packages to employers who cannot make the funds available but still want to support their new hires on a minimum level. Or want to add this package to a more expensive homesearch package.

This service is predominantly tool-based, but can be topped up with remote personal support. Apart from the generally available Relocation Guide we have compiled detailed and hands-on explanations on how things need to be organized in the destination city. The explanations are accessible via our mobile app and offer descriptions, screenshots, recommendations and checklists and will enable you to master all the bureaucratic steps once arrived in Germany.

As mentioned above, you can book additional remote support in case you need further information by a real person - in writing or via the phone. We will always respond  within one business day. Book our Self-Relocation Packages and be safe not to forget any vital steps during your relocation!


  • Get yourself a job
  • Which work permit category to go for
  • Understand the immigration process
  • The application documents
  • Initial insurance coverage
  • Embassy appointment procedures
  • Registering in your destination city
  • Get regular healthcare
  • Understand the tax system
  • Complete the immigration


Secure temporary accommodation

  1. Registering in your destination city
  2. Understand the city’s neighbourhoods
  3. Cost involved and typical home styles
  4. Long-term home: Search, inquiry & viewings
  5. Application for an apartment
  6. Understand the lease agreement
  7. Conduct the handover
  8. Organize utilities
  9. Connect your home with internet
  10. Re-register


  1. Register
  2. Get your tax ID & understand the tax system
  3. Open a German bank account
  4. Request a Schufa credit rating
  5. Purchase a pre-paid SIM card
  6. Get German healthcare & understand Social Security
  7. Convert your foreign driving license
  8. Bring your pet
  9. Other insurances
  10. Master public transport
  11. Learn German


  1. Find childcare for babies & toddlers
  2. Apply for childcare voucher
  3. Enrol your child in school
  4. Find the best secondary school
  5. Understand schooling options for 16+ year olds
  6. Apply for child allowance(s)



Ordering a DIY-Relocation Package will give you access to our DIY-Relocation Tool. Download the app, register as advised and benefit from a transparent overview of your milestones, in-depth insight into how things are done and access to your personal relocation consultant.

Our DIY Relocation Tool is 100% GDPR compliant and your data are kept safe.

Our easy to install and handle self-relocation tool gives you a transparent overview on all the tasks booked or scheduled.

Our tasks will give you detailed information

  • Legal background´and related processes
  • Timing - when to tackle
  • Responsible authority in your destination city
  • Steps to undertake
  • Documents to be provided


Our numerous Form Guides will help you to complete all the official forms requested by German authorities

  • Translation of fields
  • Explanation of the background of the questions
  • Where to send or provide to (for your destination city)
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Are you interested in our services? We look forward to your contact request and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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