District Profile Berg am Laim

Berg am Laim is where the east of Munich is considered to begin and it is a former working-class district. The district reflects the transition between the central living quarters and the village-like surrounding outside Munich borders and it is relatively inexpensive - for Munich standards.

Previously it was mostly workers who lived in Berg am Laim, today it attracts mainly young people and families - because the district is still affordable - and that really cannot be said of many Munich districts nowadays. The area is pleasantly quiet and great for families with young children. It also offers a number of leafy parks. Some international and bilingual schools can be reached relatively easily and thus the district is popular among expats.

So for those not in need of a prestigious address the district is quite some good location: the nightlife district Haidhausen is not far, and neither is the Ostpark, where loads of bars and clubs offer music and drinks til late in the night. Berg am Laim is also the adress of the Kultfabrik, a cultural location with a conglomerate of numerous discos, bars and restaurants. The Feringa Lake in Unterföhring can be reached by bike and if you favor day trips to the near Alps: starting in Laim you will avoid the heaviest traffic jams on weekend mornings.

Churchgoers will find two nice churches in the district: the famous Michaeliskurche where the famous Wittelsbacher family rests in peace and which is in fact a tourist magnet, there is also the quite lovely catholic church. She is one of the most impressive buildings in the city and does not have to hide behind the clenched Munich Churches competition. Today St. Michael is a fine address of the southern German rococo, especially Johann Baptist Zimmermann's vault frescoes are considered to be outstanding works of art.

The district has even a longer history than Munich, however, only remnants are witnesses of time, such as the Zeugnerhof in Josephsburgstraße.

Shopping is done at Kaufingerstraße with its many shops in a straight line just four kilometers from Berg am Laim. The district itself does not offer many shopping opportunities. The restaurant Kleines Brauhaus Dicker Mann is still a genuine piece of Munich beer garden culture. Tip: If you want to dine at the fat man (“Dicker Mann”) one should make reservations – it is crowded till 10:00 pm!

Average rental price per m²

12,60 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 45%
Houses: 55%

Age Structure

14,6% < 18 Years
17,3% > 65 Years


54,2% singles
17% families