District Profile Haidhausen

Haidhaussen is a super trendy district and especially popular with younger citizens. The central location is one reason, the many pubs around Weisenburger Platz and Pariser Platz another. It’s Western borders are the river banks of the Isar, which are also an important area for recreation – be it jogging, cycling or simply strolling and having a picnic.

The district’s population is multicultural and a lot of restaurants of different couleur offer their local specialities. A lot of buildings are from the early 19th century and beautifully stuccoed facades request admiration when walking through the streets.


The lower part, and that’s meant geographically, is the more lovely part. It comprises the famous “Gärtnerplatzviertel”. The Gärtnerplatz is a lovely small round lined up with many small and individual shops, bars and restaurants. The upper part along the hills of “Gasteig” is a little quieter and the roads can be rather steep. Nonetheless, the Gasteig is the location of the Muffathalle, the music hall of Munich. And there is also the “Kultuzentrum” (cultural centre) situated in a dominant red brick building at the beginning of the Rosenheimer Strasse, hosting Munich’s philharmony, a public library, the “Volkshochschule” (a club-like organized education institution offering all kinds of education including German language coursesat very reasonable price levels) as well as a conservatorium. Another popular area is the French Quarter around Pariser Platz as it was neither destroyed during 2nd World War and thus still shows off with beautiful town houses from the 18th and 19th century. Famous is also the public swimming pool, the Müllersche Volksbad, right below the above mentioned Kulturzentrum. It has been built before 2nd World War and is just gorgeous from inside.

Average rental price per m²

15,10 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment Blocks 82%
Houses: 18%

Age Structure

13,6% < 18 Years
14% > 65 Years


60,4% singles
15% families


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