District Profile Schwabing

Schwabing…a lovely district. Starting half-way up the famous Leopoldstrasse at the landmark Siegestor it is one of the most popular districts of Munich. The city center is in cycling distance and the university is situated at ots Southern borders. Therefore, many students live here and contribute to the lively scenery. The streets going off to the East from the Leopoldstrasse are full of small individual shops and bars and the Münchner Freiheit is one of the most urban places in town. A cinema, Karstadt, and a lively night scene make this district the place to live.

Schwabing was the place for the intellectual and artistic scene of 1930 Germany. This is where resistence took place, poets tried their lyrics, artists exhibited their works, cabarettists imitated politicians and theatre dialogues were invented. Nowadays, it is more about shopping and dining.

Twice a year, the boulevard hosts the gigantic street life festival “Corso Leopold”, attracting around 250.000 visitors. And whenever Germany wins a tournament like the football world championchip people drive up and down the Leopoldstrasse with tuuting horns and peakers at maximum volume to celebrate the success.

Complementing this are the calm and green banks of the “Eisbach” and other tiny creeks in the English Garden and the many meadows inviting for a relaxing sun bath with a good book in hand.

The architecture is mostly Wilhelminian style town houses and mansions with pretty Art Nouveau facades. Since Schwabing will in any case be an area you will be exploring on foot, take a peak into Ainmillerstrasse or go see the old working class houses at the end of Feilitzschstrasse.

Average rental price per m²

14,90 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment Blocks 66%
Houses: 34%

Age Structure

13,8% < 18 Years
15,5% > 65 Years


57,3% singles
15,6% families