Relocation Services are tremendously helpful - not only will you save an enormous amount of time, relying on local experts will significantly reduce your perception of the risk involved.

Whether you seek help for your relocation as an individual or you wish to facilitate the arrival of your new employee:


Listed below you find an overview of our relocation services, with detailed information on the different areas. You may book a full-service package or choose specific single services from the portfolio - just as you need it.

Get a first impression of our scope of relocation services for Germany. Our services for Germany cover the whole range of demands by employees just as well as by employers and have a significant impact on the new assignment to be successful for both, employer and employee.

One of the most important factors is the reduction of the employee’s and his/her partner’s anxieties and risk perception. This can be achieved with our relocation services. The level of stress is reduced – trust is built, and more time remains free to spend with the family.


Together with our specialized and renowned partners in the areas of corporate and individual tax consulting, business, employment, immigration, insurance and rental law we can offer a 360° service for your business in Germany.


Relocation Guide Germany


Sometimes, you will face budget constraints but would still appreciate getting local advice on how to manage your relocation on your own.

On our website you will find an extensive guide covering diverse relocation topics as well as detailed information about the various districts of the major cities in Germany . This will help you find your way with or without any support.

On top of this we offer small FlexPackages:


You have several immediate questions? Book a consultation right away. Cost is 80 EUR including VAT.

3-Hours-FlexPackage SELF RELOCATION

This Packages includes 2 telephone calls via Skype. The initial telco usually takes a good 1,5 hours and gives you the general insights into recommended priorities and schedule of your relocation. The second, 1-hour call, is done once you are in Germany and need more detailed instruction of the steps to undertake. We recommend to spare 30 minutes for follow-up in writing.


This Package can be used for any service you wish. Instead of a fixed price, it runs against the hour. It must be used from the date of booking until latest 6 months after your registration in Germany.

We can accompany you to appointments, review lease agreements, call agents, conduct researching or clarify questions etc.



Whether you represent a business of are a private client - we would love to support you!



Detailed Relocation Service around Incorporation of a business in Germany

Our Relocation Services comprise

Consulting on choosing the optimal legal form for your entity in Germany

If you as a company want to set up a business in Germany, you can choose from a variety of legal forms. All of these forms have different tax schemes applied - for company taxes as well as taxes on the income of your employees. We offer in-depth advice on tax optimization of your new set-up.

Employment Law

When hiring employees you should be aware of the German employment law - best even before starting the search for qualified personnel, since expensive mistakes can be made in this early step. We advise you on setting up a job offer and the employment contract and explain your rights in case of a no-show of an employee or in case you have to terminate someone's contract.

Consulting on corporate and private liability by legal form

The legal form determines the level of liability taken by shareholders and management. We advise you choosing the optimum legal form with regards to your individual situation and targets.

Accounting & continous Tax Consulting

We take care of your Accounting, Annual Financial Statements and publication requirements. We make sure you don't miss the due dates for VAT declarations and handle the specifics of payroll accounting. Moreover, we advise you with regard to possible accounting schemes.

Support with the procedure of incorporation

Next to every business activity in Germany requires registration with the tax authorities as well as registration with the local chamber of commerce. We support you on your way and make sure, that the procedure is handled as efficiently as possible.

Search for Office Space and basic Office Equipment

If you decide for an office in Germany we help you find the right location with the right space. we will show you alternative offices and explain the rental contract and its legal implications. Once you have decided on the location we help you organize the basic equipment (telephone, fax, internet, cleaning, courier accounts, IT support, post boxes, office furniture, parking spaces etc.).



Detailed Relocation Service around Tax Consulting for Germany

With our partner BRL we offer following relocation services

Pre-employment Advice

Before agreeing on your employment package it is wise to have a tax expert review your individual situation regarding taxable income - not only in Germany but considering any financial asset you may have in any other country. Be it real estate, a pension fund or stock options. This will allow you to correctly judge your financial situation after the move and whether you need to negotiate a higher salary.

Support with tax declarations in Germany

In Germany, you should annually and actively file your tax declaration. Not only are you obliged to do so - in most cases you will be reimbursed for significant amounts. Our partner BRL, a member of the worldwide operating RSM network, will support you - not only with filing the German tax declaration but also with your declaration in other countries where you have income.

Services for your international assignees

  • Preparation of home-country and host-country individual income tax returns
  • Pre-assignment and Post-arrival consultation with the assignee to discuss the home-country and host-country tax implications of his/her assignment.
  • Calculation of individual estimated actual and/or hypothetical tax liabilities.
  • Preparation of tax equalization, tax protection, tax reconciliation, and tax gross-up calculations.
  • Preparation of individual withholding forms in the home and host countries.
  • Assistance with respect to obtaining individual taxpayer identification numbers in the host country.
  • Correspondence with tax authorities regarding tax audits and tax notices.



Detailed Relocation Service around German Insurance

Our Relocation Services comprise

Healthcare Insurance

Our independent insurance brokers explain the public health insurance system versus private healthcare insurance in Germany, support with selecting a public or private health insurance, coordinate the document exchange, and follow up with the policy receipt. They are taking into consideration your individual circumstances and will optimize the scheme for the whole of your family given the current situation as well as future developments.

Social Security Insurance

In case you are an employee, your employer will withhold parts of your salary to be paid into the German social security system. The premiums will cover for the healthcare insurance, unemployment fund, long-term care coverage, accident insurance and public pension scheme. We will help you calculate your personal cost.

Legal Defense Insurance

Legal defense insurance is also recommended to contract. We explain why, provide quotations, contract and explain the degree of coverage.

Household Contents Insurance

We also support with contracting a household contents insurance covering against breakages in your new home, including but not limited to damages for which the landlord can hold you liable. This is mostly required under the lease agreement.

Other Insurances

Our brokers will also discuss your individual circumstances of life with you and advise on other insurance schemes which may be beneficial to you. Typical insurances in Germany are private liability insurance, life insurance, insurance covering for a disability to work, and accident insurance.



Detailed Relocation Service around German Residence Title

With our partner Offer & Mastmann we offer following Relocation Services

Choosing the best type of residence title

We will clarify for you which residence titles are genrally possible. Our lawyers will clarify in detail which visa category is the best in the specific case and how long it may take until approval.

Appointments & Communication With Authorities

We arrange the appointments with the authorities and take care of any further communication for the processing of the visa application.

Family Reunion

Where the principal residence title is applied for we support his/her family to apply for a residence title under family reunion. Our lawyers will explain the consequences and work permits deducted, help with the documentary requirements, and we will reserve the appointments with the authorities and accompany.

Qualification & Salary

We pre-check the acquired degrees and their associated educational establishment, find out if it is a regimented profession and coordinate the translation of the documents and certificate evaluations. Our lawyers will then undertake the final evaluation.

Conversion of the interim title into a permanent

Unless you are a citizen of one of the privileged nations, your assignee will be given a 3 to 6 months visa for your entry into Germany. Once arrived in Germany, we offer support with the transformation of the employment visa to a BlueCard or other respective residence title. We will accompany to the appointment with the foreigners office, explain the functions of the eAT and translate.

VISA-support for Foreigners

Where a foreign employee needs to travel to outside Germany, a visa may be required. While usually a German work permit allows for free travel within the EU our lawyers will check the individual rights and requirements, assist with compiling the documents, completing application forms, and we will help arranging appointments.

Support with the application in your home country

Often, the work permit needs to be applied for in the country of residence. We will pre-evaluate with the local embassy, how they would like to have the required documents provided, which documents could be handed in later, and which documents are - under the circumstances - not necessary. our lawyers help to draft invitation letters and letters of urgency and advise on late handing in of documents.

Assignment to Germany

Our lawyers help you with identifying the documentary requirements of employer and employee, support with drafting letters of intent, and our other partners advise on healthcare insurance and social security as well as taxation. We make the appointment reservations and accompany.

Adjustment & Prolongation

Most residence permits are temporary and issued to a specific employer. We keep an eye on the deadlines and our lawyers advise you on the necessary adjustments of residence permits in the case of transfer of business or any other change of employer. Of course, we also take care of the actual extension / adaptation together with our lawyers.



Detailed Relocation Service around Home Search in Germany

Our Relocation Services comprise

Orientation Tour

This tour is exclusively geared to the needs of our customers. Whether they wish to look at potential residential areas and their infrastructure, pre-visit schools and kindergarten, explore recreational areas, playgrounds, dog parks or gyms, we help to get the full picture of everything that is important to them for their new life.

Visitation Appointments

Based on our customer's prioritization, we arrange visitation appointments and accompany to those. This way we can provide a neutral evaluation of the price/performance ratio. We will also take a chance to look at the nearby neighborhood, along with infrastructure of shopping facilities, restaurants, and closest public transport.

Registration with Utilities

We analyze the available tariffs of the local providers, compare and register for water and electricity (plus heating for houses), double-check on the lumpsum suggested by the providers, remind on payment procedure and explain the first invoice as well as the annual consumption calculation.

Wish List

We create an individual search profile based on the expectations, requests, and budget of our customers. We advise which apartment sizes can be expected at which rental budget in the different areas of town, talk about the typical floor plans of historical buildings but also take the desired maximum commuting time to work into consideration.

Lease agreement

There are always questions about the lease agreement. We provide explanation and ensure that separate agreements with the owner are appropriately considered in the contract.
We examine possible non-standard lease terms on their legality and negotiate in consultation with the newcomer until signature stage. Once everything is implemented, we coordinate the signing of the agreement and the related payments.

Search & Prioritization

We research the current market for suitable objects, check the neighborhoods and the accessibility to public transport, clarify the availability and the possibility of a visitation appointment at the agreed time, or specific issues where necessary. This results in a list of the best available objects together with photos and descriptions, to enable our customers to compare and prioritize at their own terms.

Handover of the apartment

We arrange the appointment for the handover of the apartment, accompany and coordinate the completion of pending points from the transfer protocol. During the handover, we make sure all topics are tested and reviewed and orderly documented. We provide information on German household maintenance and offer emergency numbers for electricians and key service.

Interim Accommodation

Whether you need a hotel, serviced apartment or furnished apartment - we support identifying the best solution, prioritize on location and apartment, undertake pre-visits with photographic documentation, support with the lease agreement and terms as well as the initial payments.



Detailed Relocation Service around Removals to and from Germany

With our partner Transport Krumpf we offer following Relocation Services

Competitive Quotations

You will receive a questionnaire enabling you to estimate your removal volume relatively easy and which allows you to notify us of the relevant cost drivers of your individual move. Based on your data we will inquire with our partners in- and outside Germany and provide a competitive quotation. Depending on your current home country we can send our colleagues to visit and help with the estimation of the m³. We will disassemble, pack, unpack and assemble - as you wish.

Coordination of the Move

We will inform you about customs, possible interim storage, reconcile dates and coordinate the whole transportation of your furniture from your current to your new home.

Efficient Claims Handling

Damages, breakages or losses are annoying - therefore our colleagues take extraordinary care when packing and loading your belongings. Standard transport insurance is always part of the deal, and you can contract additional packages - thus at least the material loss is covered. We are fast and transparent when handling claims.



Detailed Relocation Service around appointments with German authorities

Our Relocation Services comprise

Municipal Registration

We make the appointment with the authorities, inform about the necessary documents that are needed for registration and clarify all upcoming questions. We contact the landlord about the move-in statement ("Wohnungsgeberbestätigung") and accompany to the appointment. We explain the effects of the registration regarding tax id, social security id and public TV charge ("GEZ").

Bank Account

With the registration done, we support with the relocation of the bank account or help to open a new account and apply for a credit card.

Pet Registration

We help identify the immigration and registration requirements, identify English speaking veterinarians, inform on quarantine times, chipping and insurance, reserve the appointments and accompany.

Social Security Number & Tax ID

With municipal registration, the Authorities will initialize the procedure of applying the tax ID. The social security number will be issued based on notification by the healthcare insurance, once coverage is contracted. We explain the procedure and consequences.

Extension of Residence Title

We support with extending your national visa, Bluecard or other residence title, passport renewals, insurance extension, we reserve the appointments and accompany.

Public TV & radio

Likewise linked to the municipal registration is the registration to public TV and radio. As a consequence, you will be obliged to pay the respective charges. We explain the process and translate the initial letters received.



Detailed Relocation Service around staying connected with home from Germany

Our Relocation Services comprise


Establishment of individual requirements for mobile phone and cell phone contracts, comparison of available offers, support with contracting, explanation of cancellation regulations and first invoice.


Establishing newcomer's needs, availability of communication cables at the residence, explanation of available alternatives, support with contracting and initial installation, explanation of cancellation regulations and first invoice.


Identification of best option amongst the three alternatives cable, VPN and satellite TV, support with contracting and initial installation, explanation of pre-requisites, cancellation regulations and explanation of the first invoice.



Detailed Relocation Service around moving to Germany with Children

Our Relocation Services comprise

Kindergarten & School

We help to identify kindergarten and schools with free spots, compile an overview of the respective institutions and the commuting times. We arrange meetings with the admission office and accompany if desired. Our Relocation Consultants who are assigned to this task are all mothers or fathers themselves with smaller children, partly they have even risen a child in a foreign country, and thus can fully relate to the specific information needs. They will provide information on the schooling system, the selection process for secondary school and integration offers.

Financial Allowances

Children are generally financially supported in Germany. With only a few exceptions you will be entitled to children allowance. Children going to kindergarten and creche receive a so-called voucher which sponsors the kindergarten fee - differently handled in each of Germany's federal states. Children allowance, mostly applicable when paying into the social security system,  amounts to roughly 200 EUR a month. We provide support with completing the application forms for the available allowances. We also help to identify the necessary documents required and help to gather an acceptable statement regarding allowances received in your home country.

Family Activities

We recommend activities for families with children to explore your new hometown and surrounding neighborhoods such as playgrounds, swimming pools, museums, deer parks, day trips and a lot more.



Detailed Relocation Service around Culture Coaching for Germany

Our Relocation Services comprise

German Language Training

In the big German metropolises, we cooperate with selected teachers, who have extensive experience to teach 1:1 or with very small groups. We will be coming to your new home so that the whole family can benefit, or to your office. The schedule will be individually reconciled. Whether in preparation for daily life or enrollment in school, we will help you achieve a level of German which enables you to communicate. We also prepare you for the exams of A1/2, B1/2 and C1/2.

We will start with a minimum of 10 hours and recommend 1 or 2 units a week. In preparation for your move, we can also offer the training via Skype.

A task for the spouse

It is important that the spouse quickly searches for a task of her/his own. Even if the primary task is to take care of the children, a task outside the family responsibilities tremendously helps to lessen the pressure to make the family "function." One has to take into consideration that from one day to the next the whole social network of the spouse falls apart - children cannot take the role of lost friends.

Our Relocation Manager help to identify an exciting task and support with adjusting the written CV to match German HR expectations.

Culture Coaching „Working“

Understanding the German Working Culture and the daily communication with colleagues helps to understand how your colleagues perceive your behavior and working style. It also helps to evaluate negative experiences correctly. Based on this, misunderstandings can more easily be resolved.

  • Which rights evolve from your German employment contract?
  • How do people criticise?
  • How to behave in meetings?
  • How (and when) to communicate in writing?
  • How far goes the obligation to "work"?

It proves most helpful to start with an initial intensive session, which is supplemented by 5 or 10 flexible coaching hours, called for on a weekly basis.


Culture Coaching „Life“

For the spouse and family, it is also beneficial to be advised of the typical German specifics when participating in public life. Especially during the emotionally tense period, some topics may lead to serious irritations and may thus make it difficult for the spouse to feel good about the life-changing decision.

  • opening hours & punctuality
  • greeting & making contact
  • German politeness & Service Level
  • Children education and children behavior in the public
  • Perception of role models husband/wife and religion
  • Tools to deal with disappointment and frustration

We offer an intensive half-day workshop, followed up with very valuable 5 flexible hours of aftercare.



Detailed Relocation Service around conversion of the Driving License

Our Relocation Services comprise

Driving licence conversion

Some driving licenses will be accepted in Germany as they are, some require a translation, some will need a simple conversion and others require re-testing in technical and/or practical driving. We identify the specific requirements, make the appointments and accompany.

Coordination of Technical Inspection of a car

Usually, cars need to be technically inspected by an authorized garage or classification company. The most known institution in Germany is the TÜV. We arrange the appointment, take the car to the technical inspection and coordinate repairs if required.

Driving Test Support

Where there is a re-test required, we help organize the necessities: eye-sight test, emergency aid training, driving school, test appointment. We help identify the latest online training material in English language and advise on timing.

Car Registration

We arrange the appointment, collect your old license plates and register it. We deliver the new license plates to you and explain the tax certificate and the payment conditions.

Car Insurance

If you bring your car, it must be insured with a coverage acceptable to German authorities. In cooperation with our partner, we compare quotations for car insurances, guiding through the choice by explaining the differences and coordination of contract signing, and follow-up until reception of insurance policy.



Detailed Relocation Service around Outbound from Germany

Our Relocation Services comprise

Successful Assignment Program Management

We will manage and administer your international assignment program - from its inception through any applicable changes which may be necessary to keep your program up-to-date with global tax issues.

Destination Services

Via our partners outside Germany, we also support you when moving abroad. Our Destination Services resemble the services we offer for Germany - starting with the work permit and covering home search and schooling of children.


Termination of the rental agreement and contracts for electricity and water, termination of or change of address for other contracts such as telephone and internet, magazines, sports club or postal forwarding orders, etc., follow-up of the communication, esp. receipt confirmations and termination periods.

Return of deposit

In Germany, a landlord has 6 months time to repay the deposit. We keep track of the deposit repayment, clarify retentions and explain deductions due to additional cost payments.

Handover of the apartment

We explain the necessities for renovation and cleaning when moving out, undertake pre-visits to establish the individual need for renovation, communicate with the landlord over the cost, witness the handover, take care of photographic documentation of damages, and coordinate any necessary repairs.


Need help in other areas?

For all further wishes, we offer our 5-Hours-Flex-Package. Relocation services aligned to your individual needs: from finding a maid service or a gardener to the search for the right sports clubs or communication with your landlord. Contact us!


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