Our Immigration Packages are customized for all budgets.

Our service is basically for working people and their families. We have compiled several very helpful articles on how to find and apply for a job in Germany, as having a job which will enable you to finance your life is key for any immigration to Germany.

We will usually start with a telco and that will already enable to give you a hindsight, whether or not the work permit is going to be possible or an evaluation needs to take place first. Please be aware that this may not result in a positive answer, however, in most cases a visa category will be applicable.

An evaluation is undertaken by our attorneys Offer & Mastmann. They will usually charge no more than an hour and will advise if otherwise. On top of the lawyers’ fees a lumpsum to cover communication expenses is charged. The evaluation fee is going to be waived in case we continue to support the applicant. If you decide to abort the services the fee is payable.

For a defined set of countries, citizens need to apply from within their home country, other citizens can apply in Germany. With the new law in force from March 2020 we will establish the state-individual approaches and guide you. Where the “fast track” does not apply, we will clarify the detailed requirements of the embassy/foreigners’ office involved.


Our Immigration Packages include to following options

Where necessary or beneficial our lawyers will apply for a pre-approval by the Federal Office of Employment in Germany. Under the new law this will mostly be handled by the local foreigners’ office.

When applying outside Germany, it depends on the validity period of the title the embassy granted by when the applicant needs to prolongate his residence title. When applying in Germany, the applicant has to show up at the local foreigners’ office twice. The appointment at the local foreigners’ office should be accompanied because the staff usually is allowed to speak German only and the process can be a little complex. The appointment for the visa pick-up does not necessarily need to be accompanied.

Visa Category Evaluation

Where you don't know your visa category our lawyers Offer & Mastmann will

  • advise on best visa category to apply for
  • predict the probability of application approval

Check here to find official background information from the Federal Office of Migration and Refugees on possible ways of immigration.

Simple Document Support

This support assumes you have already made a decision about the visa category you want to apply for. The evaluation of the visa category applicable is considered legal counseling and can only be provided by our attorneys. Check here which work permit is applicable and if the family can apply for family reunion. The document support is the base component of our immigration packages.

  • Support and coordination of application procedure for the preliminary employment visa
  • Establishment of the applicable immigration process in cooperation with the local Foreigners' Office
  • Establishment of required immigration documents and their legal form (original, translation, apostille, legalization) and support with translation, apostille and legalization (excl. expenses) in cooperation with the local Foreigners' Office
  • Support with completion of any forms requested
  • Communication with the local foreigners' office, incl. appointment reservation

Add-on Pre-Approval Support

Some visa categories require a pre-approval by the German Federal Employment Agency. More information is available as a German article issued by the Federal Employment Office.

  • We will advise if the immigration process involves a pre-approval
  • To enable the Federal Employment Office to make a decision more documents need to be provided, especially from the employer. We will support collating them.
  • We will communicate with the local Foreigners' Office, or where so more beneficial, our lawyers will apply at the Federal Employment Office directly.

Add-on: Reservation and Preparation of the application appointment at a German embassy

Under some circumstances some nationalities have to start the immigration process for the German residence title (whichever visa category) at the German embassy in their home country. If the applicant is no EU-citizen and does not have a valid European resident permit, and the visa category is not a bluecard and not family reunion, then the embassy involvement is very likely a must. Where the process shall not be handled by the local Foreigners' Office

  • We will reserve an appointment with the responsible German embassy
  • We will prepare the applicant for the appointment.
  • Where this is possible, we will communicate with the embassy.

Add-on: Preparation & accompaniment to the application appointment with the local Foreigners Office in Germany

Despite the law change and the underlying adjustment of employment migration philosophy, the athmosphere at local Foreigners' Offices can be upsetting. Questions may arise, where the applicant feels helpless and documents may be rejected or required. It adds tremendously to the applicant's feeling of being well prepared if a local consultant accompanies to the appointment and makes sure that problems are not caused because of language misunderstandings.

Under the new law, residence titles issued by the German embassies will have a significantly longer validity. Once that is about to expire within the next 8-12 weeks an appointment for a prolongation shall be booked and prepared.

In case we have supported the original application we will update the documents we have collated at the time with the then current versions. Should we have not supported the original application or is a new visa category applicable, we will need to start from scratch with a "Simple Document Support" or a "Evaluation of Visa Categories".

  • We reserve the appointment.
  • You prepare the documents on your own (or book the "Simple Document Support").
  • We review the residence title issued.
  • We explain the next steps

Add-on: Accompaniment to the Pick-up Appointment in Germany

Usually, the local Foreigners' Office will put a sticker into the applicant's passport indicating the category of the residence title. On top of that, in most cases an additional paper will be handed out, the "Zusatzblatt", which will imply the restrictions of the residence title.

Shortly after, or within, the application appointment, the Foreigners' Office will order the production of the electronic residence title which come in the form of a plastic card. The production takes between 4-6 weeks and the card is then posted to your Foreigners' Office. Once received, they will inform you be letter to your registered address, that you can pick-up the card. Usually, this is a simple procedure without the necessity of an appointment, or, the Foreigners' Office will notify you of an appointment.

Our service comprises:

  • Explanation of the letter received
  • Accompaniment to the pick-up
  • Review of the residence card's details

Preparation of a prolongation of a Residence Title in the same category

Under the new law effectiv from 01.03.2020 the German embassies will issue residence titles with a significantly longer validity. Consequently, the applicant does not need to show up at the local Foreigners' Office for an extensive period. Once the expiry date is between 8 and 12 months away, the prolongation process should be started. In some communities, the Foreigners' Offices will also actively invite you to the prolongation appointment.

Where we have supported you with our immigration packages for the original application and where there is no change in the visa category applicable, we will support as follows:

  • Update the application documents where applicable.
  • Reserve an appointment with the local Foreigners' Office.
  • Communicate with the Foreigners' Office and hand in the application.
  • Prepare the applicant for the appointment.

Recommended Immigration Packages

We recommend to book the following minimum combination. Any other service can be book, should it become necessary.

Simple Document Support


Add-on: Preparation & accompaniment to the application appointment with the local Foreigners Office in Germany

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