The Red Relocators work with a preferred partner to support our clients with moving your goods. We kindly request some information which we need to provide a relevant number.

If you are not sure, an estimate will be sufficient for a first ballpark number. If you find this to be competitive we can send somebody round your place to make a thorough evaluation of the m³ to be moved.

Your personal information will be treated confidentially and eMail address will be used for our own needs only, ie. to request further information where necessary.

Your contact details

Let us know how to get back to you. And if possible, you may give us some details so that we can compile a meaningful quotation to you.

Approximate date is sufficient

Current Adress

New Adress

Volume Estimation

We know this is difficult to estimate. If you already have a counter quotation from a competitor, we would be grateful for a small comment as this will help us understand how reliable the estimation ist.

Below, under "Special Removals" or "Requirements" you can list all bigger items for our better understanding.

try to estimate
Try to estimate

Loading Conditions

Delivery Conditions

Special removals or requirements

(such as upright piano, vault, etc.)
(for example to hang pictures, install curtain rods, etc.)
(for example ftting lamps or cooker, make electrical connections, etc.)
(for example dis- and re-connecting washing machine, etc.)
(such as special items, special packing required, etc.)
List furniture like 2m cupboard, 1,5m wardrobe, no of chairs, arm chairs, etc.