Photo: Moving Day Boxes (c) Nicolas huk CC-by-2.0 Temporary leases or exclusion of the termination right can be a very inconvenient stipulation in German lease agreements when you are assigned a new job by your employer. Unfortunately, we see this practice very often now as a reaction to last year’s change in law about the […]


Generally, when moving to Germany, several aspects must be considered to facilitate a relatively smooth transition into your new life and avoid nerve-wracking, bad surprises. The Red Relocators offer their advice.Here’s a short checklist of the most relevant topics to consider when planning a move to Germany: Work permit for Germany Common types of Work […]

Real Estate Agent Commission: impacts of the change in law

Here’s a little report on what we have experienced since the change in law back in June this year.In general, the change in law said that from that point in time, ie. June 2015, the real estate agent is no longer allowed to charge a tenant his commission. The amount he usually charged in the […]

Necessary repairs when moving out in Germany

Aesthetic repairs

The BGH (“Bundesgerichtshof” = Main Court in Germany) just recently had to decide on a tenant’s obligation to renovate the apartment he lives in. The decision has been made in the tenant’s favor and gives him a significantly better position than in the past. It is valid for all rental agreements independent of when they […]

Side cost calculation – obligations of the landlord

Side cost may only be requested to be reimbursed by the tenant – the landlord is not allowed any kind of margin on top of the actual cost.But what are side cost?Sure – we are in Germany, so there is a law for it, the Betriebskostenverordnung. Actually, there are two. The Heizkostenverordnung also applies.The first […]

Home Search in Germany

Real Estate Agent Commission: change in law

When you are seeking new accommodation in Germany the recent changes of the Mietnovellengesetz will apply to you – and mostly in a positive way. Whilst it was usually the future tenant who was forced to pay the real estate agent’s commission, by law, this is now the one who orders the services of the […]