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Relocation Guide to Germany
Relocation Guide Germany


Fact finding for your Relocation to Germany as well as specific things about your new home town.

Following you will get information about common, overarching issues relating to the life and work culture in Germany. Our Relocation Guide gives you all information and valuable tips for living in Germany. Most of the information is worthwhile for whereever you will live in Germany.

We have complemented the general information with city-specific pages where applicable. For example you will find district profile descriptions for Hamburg and Munich. The development of the Relocation Guides for other cities will still take some time to complete.

The Guide gives you extensive information on the topics listed below.

Commuting in Germany


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Healthcare Insurance

As family in Germany

  • Schooling
    • Pillars of the German education system
    • Kindergarten
    • Pre-School
    • Primary School
    • Secondary School
  • Family Life
    • General thruths
    • Marriage
    • Birth
    • Parenting
  • Family Allowances
    • Kindergeld
    • Elterngeld
    • Kita Voucher



You will find city-specific information under the respective general headers above in the side bar menues.

Since it adds on the general information it is recommended to at least scan through the general info before digging deeper.
The city-specific information is enhanced continuously and we encourage you not only to come back once in a while to look for updates, but also to contribute your experiences. Be it how you dealt with the officers in a specific "Bezirksamt", "Kundenzentrum" or other kind of "Behörde", what you love most about the district you live in, how your child adapted to school and your experience with a German midwife - your fellow expatriates will appreciate your point of view!