Understanding Germans – No. 3 Planning, Preparation, Process

Pc by Rainer Sturm / PIXELIOThis is an extraxt from a most awesome article published by Adam Fletcher:”So far, so good. Look at you, you’re up early, you’ve got your radio on, no doubt some Depeche Mode is blasting out, you’re eating a slow and ponderous German breakfast, you’re acclimatising very well, young Ausländer.Now you […]

Home Search in Germany

Real Estate Agent Commission: change in law

When you are seeking new accommodation in Germany the recent changes of the Mietnovellengesetz will apply to you – and mostly in a positive way. Whilst it was usually the future tenant who was forced to pay the real estate agent’s commission, by law, this is now the one who orders the services of the […]

Color explosion at Stadtpark

The Stadtpark is gorgious. Fullstop. Its walkways are calming and it is never too crowded. The huge meadows are populated with relaxing sun bathers and the playgrounds full of happy children. There are a couple of smaller restaurants or cafés to take a sip of a latte or of the white foam of a “kühles […]

Understanding Germans – No.1 House Shoes

Photo (c) Wishfoot88 CC BY 3.0This is an extraxt from a most awesome article publishedby Adam Fletcher:”So, here we are then my little Ausländer. Your first day as an aspiring German. You’ll have woken up in your bed, probably because it’s gotten light outside and you don’t have curtains, because curtains are evil and suggest […]

Day trip to cherry blossom at “Alte Land”

You now also need to put a day trip to the “Alte Land” into your weekend schedules. The beauty of that landscape is hard to beat during cherry blossom. Enjoy a couple of peaceful hours in an environment so quaint and nice you’d consider moving there – wheren’t it not too quiet after all. ;)We […]

Social Security System in Germany


More and more expats are moving over to Germany, intending to finance their lifes with a freelance job. If you are considering the same, there are specific requirements to adhere to when it comes to the appropriate health insurance for freelancers in Germany.Basically, should you come from outside of the EU you will not be […]

Enjoy spring at nature park Höltigbaum east of Rahlstedt

Spring is coming, the sun is shining and it’s time to get off the couch and discover Hamburg’s many different sides.

Between Rahlstedt and Ahrensburg you may find a wonderful place called “Höltigbaum”. The former military territory has been transformed into a nature protection area, especially known for it’s many types of seldom birds and Galloway cattle. Beside biking or rollerblading on old panzer streets you may also walk little paths with explanations about the geological era and natural characteristic.

To give you a first impression Attia has taken some pictures of the area. So, get outside, enjoy the sun and discover some of Hamburg’s beautiful surroundings! Check out her lovely picture blog: attia-pictures.blogspot.de

Day trip to Lüneburger Heide

Pic: Bernd Kasper / PIXELIO.de

For the coming 2-3 weekends we recommend a daytrip to Lüneburger Heide which is in full violett blossom these days

Oberhaverbeck – Wilsede
20 minutes by bike
By foot a good hour

When the weather is beautiful (and lets hope that the coming holidays will provide for some late warm sunrays) the trip to one of the most famous tourist attractions around Hamburg is a real treat for eyes and soul! There are many possible starting points, but we chose Overhaverbeck (about 45 minutes drive from Hamburg) to start, parked there, and walked amidst of the rolling hills – following well signed hikings trails to the car-free ancient farmer village Wilsede. You can also rent some bikes at Stimbekhof (call them before going – or bring your own bikes along). The Stimbekhof underwent a whole relaunch and a night over looks really promising. Wilsede is a museum village with two nice restaurants. I recommend to order the special lamb dish “Heidschnucke”, enjoy a hot chocolate and tea on their beautiful terasse with a great view, and then cylce back. Before going home make a stop at Overhaverbeck at Cafe Bockelmann and ate gigantic, most delicious cakes!

Botanical Garden & Restaurant Quellental

In autumn as well as in any other season, the botanical garden is worth the visit. Endless quiet trails through beuatifully shaped woods, flowerbeds and meadows are a real treat for eyes and soul! We love it. Afterwards, we recommend to have lunch at Restaurant Quellental www.quellental-restaurant.de/ or The Flottbeker Schmiede.

Pronstorfer Weihnacht – a christmas market outside Hamburg

The Christmas season is about to start this wekend with numerous little markets all over the town. I am recommending one outside of Hamburg in the country-side: the below link leads you to the facebook page, and this is last years event, but you can also visit their website http://www.gutpronstorf.de/index.php/de/pronstorfer-weihnacht.html. It is one of the […]