District Profile Alsterdorf

The districts along the Alster river

Up to the middle of the 19th century Alsterdorf was purely a farmers’ village – a heritage which does not come through in the present time. The district's shape is characterized by 1920-30’sbuilt dark red brick 4/5-story apartment blocks and tree-lined streets and therefore is really green. Part of the Alster runs through the quarter and the walkway alongside the river is a beautiful and relaxing area to enjoy nature. There are two villa-areas: one at Brabandstrasse and one at Inselstrasse. The houses here were built in the 1920’s. In 1935-38 Hamburg developed a garden city following the concept of Ebenezer Howard which is located in between Heilholtkamp and Hochbahnstrasse and has gorgeous views to offer. A well-known resident was Heinrich Matthias Sengelmann, who opened a house for the disabled in 1860 and as special honor, the city named an important street after him.

The braband channel running through Alsterdorf"
Another view of the Braband channel"
The crematorium. built in 1890 in accordance with a design by Ernst Paul Dorn"
Town house at Brabandstrasse built in 1929 by J.A. Schäfer"
 River banks designed by architect Fritz Schumacher in the first quarter of the 20th century"
Red brick apartment blocks at Sengelmannstrasse built in 1920"

The population is dominated by single-person households (54%) and the number of households with children is representing Hamburg average (17%). There are 9 kindergartens, one primary school, and two secondary schools. The average income of a taxpayer is 41.000 and as such, around 10.000 EUR more than Hamburg average. The prices for apartments are, with 10,66 EUR/m², a little upmarket compared to the average, and unfortunately, there is little to no chance to acquire a piece of land other than those with a house already built upon it.

Alsterdorf has the Alsterdorfer Sporthalle which hosts concerts and handball or basketball matches as well as other sport events. Two train stations guarantee quick access to the city center. It is one of the nicest areas in Hamburg to live. Bordering the district Winterhude in the very South it is mostly sided by the big city park Stadtpark, before touching the next district Ohlsdorf.

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Police Headquarters in Hamburg Alsterdorf"
Police caserne at Bruno Georges Place"
A panoramic shot of the Alsterwanderweg in Alsterdorf"
Old trafo house nowadays hosting a nice little restaurant located directly at the Alster river"
Modern office building at Alsterkrugchaussee"
Island channel in Alsterdorf"
Historical red brick apartment blocks built in 1920 at Sengelmannstrasse"
Historical building of the fire brigade Alsterdorf at Alsterkrugchaussee built 1912 in accordance to architect Fritz Schumachers plans"
More residential two-family houses from the late 20ies"
Former crematorium built in 1890 nowadays hosting a school"