District Profile Eimsbüttel

Eimsbüttel is a residential area in the heart of Hamburg, where families, singles and couples feel home. It is one of the most densely populated areas of Hamburg: 54.000 people live here. There are lots of small green squares, parks and playgrounds and it is presumed one of the most family-friendly districts. However, families tend to move out to the green districts when their children grow a little older. For the smallest, though, there are many, many activities organized by private organizations or individual mommies. It has been home of the first “baby-lounge” where mommies could enjoy a latte whilst the toddlers were enjoying themselves in a playroom. Unfortunately, this café closed, but there are popping up new ones once in a while, i.e. tummelum.


Many houses were built in the era of German emperor Wilhelm and if you are a fan of high ceilings and stucco, you will love it here. It is however, extremely difficult to get a flat of 3 or 4 rooms: it is not unusual that 100 people queue in line to apply for the apartment. Parking space is difficult to get. The lively center is around the western part of the Bundesstrasse. Many shops with a creative and individual product range and cozy small restaurants can be found here and create a lovely atmosphere. There are two famous sports clubs, the Kaifu-Lodge and a Meridian Spa.



The southern part of the district (which turns over into the “Sternschanze”) is also one of the most political quarters. Often, demonstrations are held and "political" statements on walls are all-visible. The people living here are very tolerable with regard to different life styles, be it by political background or cultural background.

Average rental price per m²

10,80 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 99,1%
Houses: 0,9%


68% singles
12,4% families

12,1% < 18 years
12,3% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Eimsbüttel: 34.493 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR