District Profile Niendorf

Niendorf is a much respected district dominated by quiet apartment blocks and single- and double-family houses. Although located next to the airport it does not suffer from noise, as the entry lanes do not pass over the suburb. Another plus is a lively district center with the pedestrian-only street, Tibarg, and a beautiful church. Niendorf is also known for the park "Niendorfer Gehege”. People born and raised in Niendorf often come back when they have a family of their own, and this says much about the character of the district. It is quiet, safe, and neat.

The average taxable income of its residents is 34.000 EUR and thus slightly above average. The income is, however, spread quite a bit. Near the Niendorfer Gehege and the Bondenwald, residents are really wealthy but there is also social welfare housing. There are much fewer immigrants than in other districts and unemployment is small (only 3%). Criminality is considerably lower than average. The district is very popular for families. 26 kindergartens, 5 primary schools and 3 secondary schools take care of roughly 6.000 children, of which more than average go to a Gymnasium[J1] once they reach the age.

There are no real industrial areas and the most famous employers are Tom Taylor (with an outlet at Garstedter Weg), the advertising agency GWP, and  Diäko, a manufacturer of diet frozen food. The center is the Tibarg with many shops, hairdressers, cafes, restaurants, and some boutiques. The Tibarg Center is a big and modern shopping center with all kinds of shops.

Niendorf Nord is characterized by the settlement Wagirersiedlung built in 1968. The settlement lies between Wagrierweg and Vielohweg. The apartment blocks are not especially beautiful, but well-kept and very green. The maximum four-story buildings don't dominate the view. It is a quiet residential area with good connection to the city center as the train station Niendorf Nord is just a jump away. Just East to it another settlement has been developed in 1980 with up to 6 floors, but also very green and non-boring structure.

Recreation is offered by the open air and indoor swimming bath Bondenwald, and the Niendorfer Gehege with forest playgrounds, pony riding facility, and deer park. The NTSV (Niendorf Sports Club) has several sports fields and one of the biggest and most beautiful tennis court complexes in Hamburg. The Adyton fitness club offers a nice wellness area in addition to the usual sport facilities.

Average rental price per m²

9,90 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 65%
Houses: 35%


46,9% singles
17,9% families

15% < 18 years
26,9% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Niendorf:  38.497 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR