District Profile Gut Moor & Neuland


Neuland has many faces to offer. Whilst the area West of the motorway, cutting the district in half, is an industrial area, the East is a rather rural area with a remaining village center. At the Southern Elbe a small marina offers the facilities for water sports complemented by the recreational offers around the quarry pond where one can do horse riding, running, cycling and walking.

The long-established inhabitants live in single-family homes, which are mostly owned since many generations. The settlement Wohlersweg in the south of the district offers a quiet residential area. The houses with wooden gables, dormers and half-timbered facing originate from 1934. From the period after the Second World War origin the houses of the settlement Neuland, where refugees built their houses on former agricultural land. Only in 1989 this part received official recognition as a residential area. A lot of garden colonies are located in Neuland.

Gut Moor

Gut Moor is hardly known as being an individual district and is dominated by the swamp meadows of which it has its name. Two small villages, Groß and Klein Moor are comprising the small residential area. Extensive wetland meadows with grazing cows determine the image of the district, which is affiliated for size and population of the smallest of Hamburg. The approximately 150, mainly long-established inhabitants spread over more than 30 houses, which are the right and left of Großmoordamm, the one and only street in Gut Moor.

Neuland impressions

Gut Moor impressions