District Profile Barmbek-Süd

Central North of Hamburg - Barmbek Sued

The district Barmbek-South is mostly similar to Uhlenhorst. It borders the same to the East and Winterhude to the North, along the Osterbek channel. Dominated by Wilhelminian Style apartment houses and narrow residential streets, it is - although less known - just as nice a living area than the two others named before - and that shows in the rental prices. The population is very much like in Barmbek-North: mostly singles or couples without children, few below 18 our above 65 years old. A lot of residents with international background: some 23% have a history from other countries. Income level is a bit higher than in Barmbek Nord, but still below average.

The district is devided by the Hamburger Strasse, one of the main connections between northern Hamburg and the city center and one could say that the area right east of that is a bit less attractive in general, however, right opposite the shopping mall Hamburger Meile, some newbuilds have been erected and the development is promising. This is, however, only a narrow strip and the more east you get, the nicer it becomes until the border to Eilbek is reached. The Western part is still in walking distance to the Alster lake and the shopping streets of Winterhude.

Right in the middle of the district is the big shopping mall Hamburger Meile with the three landmarks, Hamburg's three "skyscrapers" on which tennis legend Boris BEcker once had an apartment. With its Cinema complex and the foud court it is attracting amyn customers. Located on its roof top is a beach club and a bowling center is locate dopposite. Further north the Hamburger Strasse is a centre for furniture traders.

A residential building offering reasonable priced apartments"
The shopping mall "Hamburger Meile" at the train station Mundsburg"
A very sophisticated design by Emil Heynen for the church Bugenhagenkirche"

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Residential building built in 1929"
A school for girls professionals built 1928 and designed by architect Fritz Schumacher"
Backyard of the Daniel Bartels house in Barmbek-Sued"
Daniel Bartels house at road Pfennigsbusch"
A psychological clinic in district Barmbek-Sued"
The famous Mundsburg Towers - one of the few highrises"
The Osterbek channel in Barmbek South"
The rose garden at clinic Schön"
The S-Bahn at Barmbek-´Market"
Typical settlement of the early 19th century, the Schleidenhof."
 The school Humboldtstraße - a regular public school"