District Profile Marmstorf

Marmstorf offers a typical suburb character with a lot of single and double houses and loose smaller apartment blocks with lots of green inbetween, many gardens, quiet residential roads, sport facilities and the minimum shopping facilities. It is located South of Hamburg and benefits from the neighborhood to the pond Außenmühlenteich, where you can actually swim and perform diverse water sports. Just like Eißendorf it is also a little hilly which contributes to the nice athmosphere. The Appelbütteler Tal has quiet walkways through woods and meadows.

Marmstorf is devided by the motorway A7, south of which is farming land only. The part North of the A7 can also be devided in a rural part with forest and meadows in the South West and the residential area in the North East.

Marmstorf has been a subject to city development in the 70ies of last century when demand for housing increased significantly. It is dominated by diverse settlements designed and built at various times since the 70ies. If you find a house / apartment here it is likely to be a part of whole bunch of buildings with the same architectural style, often creating a village within village atmosphere.

One is in the rural part between Hitzenbergen and Garbersweg in the very rural South Western part. It is dominated by bungalows along tiny super quiet roads. Most of them were built in the 70ies and 80ies of the last century. The area is quite set back with no bakery or supermarket nor bus connection.

Another settlement with bungalows is on Jägerfeldweg and Kronenfeldweg. This settlement has its architectural charme as each bungalow has an L-shape and is linked to the next.

Townhouses of three each were built in the same style around Kauershofweg. And South of that are similar, slightly smaller townhouses at Krönenbargweg. Both areas are quite nice as they are close to Winsener Straße, the B4 (one of the major connection to the city center and thus quite congestive) with several shops, restaurants and sport facilities, shielded however by a band of trees and meadows.

A newly developed area is around Marmstorfer Schützenweg with a nicely paved low-traffic road and thus very family friendly. The district is in total very popular for families and their part in the population is significantly above average.

All school types are within walking distance or at least bike and many recreational spots invite the children to spent their time: a sports club, the forests around the Außenmühlensee, and obviously the pond itself. There is not much traffic on the roads, hence bycicling is safe. The population is culturally very mixed and prejudices have no ground which is also a plus if you are settling down as a foreigner. Rents are at the lower end whilst the quality of buildings is very good. Not overly sophisticated, relaxed people in a down-to-earth environment with easy access to green areas – that's what you get if you live here.

Shops are scattered along the Ernst Bergeest-Weg, starting with a discounter. A bakery, supermarket and a few snack bars / pizzeria cover daily demand. For more shopping residents go to Harburg center, usually by car, but there are also a few buses connecting to Harburg center. If you work in the South of Hamburg Marmstorf is a good choice to live. To commute to the city center North of the Elbe normally takes around 45 minutes.

Average rental price per m²

8,60 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 50%
Houses: 50%


41,3% singles
18,9% families

15,1% < 18 years
29,9% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Marmstorf:  34.488 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR