District Profile Lemsahl-Mellingstedt

Lemsahl-Mellingstedt is really quiet. If you live here you feel like you live in a village in-between fields and meadows. There is a small farmer's shop offering local biological food and the popular restaurant “Offen” which is known for its good down-to-earth food for reasonable prices. It has a beautiful garden where you can eat outside and the place is usually crowded on weekends.


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Old trees, single-family houses, a few two-family houses and a few farmers’ houses - that is the village center. A little to the South the area becomes more rural and the land parcels become denser. There are no multi-storey apartment blocks. The 4 star golf hotel Treudelberg is located at southern border to Poppenbüttel and offers facilities for weddings and golfing facilities. Right around the corner a popular well-sorted whine bar invites for an after-dinner drink and a well-known, fine fish restaurant is located right opposite. The district is a conservative, quiet area, residents are wealthy, the average yearly income per taxpayer was 59.000 EUR in 2004, and unemployment is not existent. There are very few residents with a migration background compared to the Hamburg average. There has been near to no criminality other than some burglaries. 30% of the households are families with one or more children and there are 6 kindergartens and 1 primary school. 


Lemsahl-Mellingstedt, though, has no train station and just one bus line connects to the next station in Poppenbüttel. A further downside is that it is the entry lane for Fuhlsbüttel international airport and the noise is definitely a factor. When looking for a house there you should pay attention to that and check whether it disturbs you. Such as well as the very rural character are the reasons for the slightly lower real estate prices . Definitely a recommendable area.