District Profile Veddel

The residential area is restricted to that part which is actually an island. The eastern part is pure industrial area - mostly logistics and harbor related. The residential neighborhood is referred to as "die Veddel" whereas the industrial part is called "Peute".

Veddel has an equivalent reputation as Wilhelmsburg with regard to income level and percentage of foreigners. It is however, much quieter than the latter and consists of the well-known Fritz Schumacher red-brick apartment blocks built in the early decades of 1900. A lot of moneyhas been put intothe restructuring the residential area of the district and so it looks much neater than its neighbor. Many students are happy to live here since it is super central - only 5 minutes by train to central station.

It is a changing district and the outcome of the change has yet to be seen. There are a few mediterranean food stores and a cafe and a kiosk. And a bakery. A lot of migrants live here. We would say it is a good neighborhood for singles - reasonable rent and small apartments, comparable to Hammerbrook or Hamm atsome places.


Average rental price per m²

7,70 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 67%
Houses: 33%


58,7% singles
20,8% families

21,1% < 18 years
8% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Veddel: 14.633 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR