District Profile Hoheluft

Hoheluft is a very pretty district with beautiful Wilhelminian and Art Nouveau facades, green rear courtyards and lots of small boutiques. All bigger streets are aligned with nice little shops and invite for a stroll and to indulge yourself. You don't find the typical chains here but individual up-market boutiques breathing their owner's charisma. Every once and again a cafe invites for a relaxed break, preferably outside - if the weather allows. Take a "street view" along the Eppendorfer Weg and Hoheluftchaussee to get an impression. Mothers (mostly) walk their children in shiny clothes and buggies and meet for a latte macchiato or on one of the playgrounds between Gneisenau- and Kottwitzstraße. Another big adventure playground is between Wrangelstraße and Hoheluftchaussee. Many restaurants of all sorts are located here. A difference to Eppendorf in the North is not detectable.

Hoheluft-West is also known as the "General's" quarter as many streets are named after famous generals. It is also one of Hamburg's pricey residential areas, though with 14,17 EUR respectively 11,58 EUR per m² some medium-priced apartments may be available. Take a walk down on of them, e.g. the Roonstraße and dream of getting a house here. Most of them are owned by those who live inside and they probably will not be sold in the next 100 years, just inherited. The other parts of Hoheluft are not as pricey and a lot of students live here.

The Falkenried terraces between Falkenried and Löwenstrasse are another feature of the district: three-story apartment blocks built in Neo-Renaissance style in the early 1900. Nowadays they are small one-bedroom flats and the houses are connected by beautiful terraces and yards with lots of life -just lovely.

It is not the most children-rich area, probably because of the high living prices and the number of children, and the number of households with children is some 5-6% less than Hamburg average. But if you are a child in this district you will manage to go to a gymnasium with a chance of 78%, which is extraordinarily high. 15 kindergartens, two primary schools and one secondary school educate the 1.300 children.

The average taxable income in Hoheluft East, the neighbor of Eppendorf, is 42.000 EUR per year and thus some 10.000 EUR more than the Hamburg average, and some 5.000 EUR less than in Eppendorf. In Hoheluft West residents earn just as much as any other Hamburg resident. Unemployment is significantly below average and so is the percentage of residents with a migration background. Residents are tolerant and open-minded and just like Eppendorf, it is a nice neighborhood for Expatriates.


Average rental price per m²

12,30 - 13,10 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 98,6%
Houses: 1,4%


65,9% singles
13% families

12,3% < 18 years
13,2% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Hoheluft West & East:  37.785 - 48.162EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR