District Profile Moorburg & Altenwerder

Moorburg is a dominated by industrial areas but there are also some very idyllic spots inbetween paddocks and meadows. Traditional farmhouses are still existing, although seldom.

Moorburg is located South of the Harbour areas of Finkenwerder and Wilhelmsburg. Its Eastern part, the one that has access to the Elbe river arms, is occupied by harbor and logistic industry. The remaining space is rural farming land as well as space for Elbe sand and water. There are four roads, the Moorburger Elbdeich / Morrburger Schanze, the Waltershofer Straße and the Moorburger Hauptdeich. Residential houses are alined the more quiet Moorburger Kirchdeich (parallel to the Moorburger Hauptdeich) and the very Eastern part of the Moorburger Schanze around the restaurant water tower and a tiny boarding house offering rooms. Some further houses are scattered along the Moorburger Elbdeich / Morrburger Schanze. A beautiful church in the very East, nearly in harbor area, completes the village center.

The quiet has a problematic background: with the shipping business booming a few years ago the City of Hamburg pushed through a plan to enlarge the harbor area and as there is simply no space to the North, whilst the South is still rather rural, the choice of where to go seemed economically easy. The city bought most of the houses and residents moved away. The city rented the houses to socially deprived tenants which further weakened the village's situation as purchasing power decreased even further.

Whilst the downturn of the shipping market stopped the plans of harbor development, life comes back only slowly. A couple of local leading creative heads of Hamburg's cultural scene relocated to the quarter creating a relaxed multicultural atmosphere. Residents meet in the restaurant Wassermühle, offering an ambitious kitchen and a nice summer garden, attracting guests also from other districts. The few young residents make frequent use of their sports club offers.

Without a car you are pretty much lost in this suburb. With a car you end up with basically the same 45 minutes commuting time to Hamburg city center as from any other Southern district. The big shopping center in Harburg, the Phönix Center is not far away and satisfies all demands.

The suburb is quiet, green and safe and there are beautiful cycling paths and walkways and the Moorburger Berg offers a spectacular view on the container terminals.

Average rental price per m²

6,80 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 25,5%
Houses: 74,5%


46,9% singles
23,1% families

19,5% < 18 years
13,9% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Moorburg & Altenwerder:  36.862 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR