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The ancient red brick storage buildings dominating the character of the Speicherstadt were built in 1913, dislodging about 20.000 harbor workers, craftsmen and generally poor families. The living situation before the big tear-off was extremely bad and the big plagues usually started here. The area right next to it, the Hafencity, has been used as harbor storage until the city development decided to use it to extend the business center and it became the biggest construction site in Hamburg whilst many architectural highlights have been built.

The objective was to create a lively mixture of residential and business buildings and to combine red brick old-school with high-tech-modern style buildings. Most of the newly built houses are inspired by the harbor. Living here is expensive and the infrastructure still lacks a little behind, but it is growing fast. The quarter is very touristic and on most weekends some kind of event is happening. The area is the top for urban singles or couples. A kindergarten and a playground are available - however, the area is not specifically crowded with kids.

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Hafencity impressions (c) hh oldmann (CC 3.0)"
Museum boats at Hafencity (c) Bernd Sterzl_pixelio.de"
Apartment houses at Hafencity (c) hh oldmann (CC 3.0)"
Hafencity impressions (c) Annemarie"
Sundown at Hafencity (c) Annemarie"
The Sumatra Kontor (c) hh oldmann (CC 3.0)"
Modern home at Hafencity (c) Bernd Sterzl"
Hafencity impressios ny Bernd Sterzl"
Historical buildings in the old Speicherstadt (c) Rolf Handke"
Picture at the waterfront taken by Sabine Markmann"
The Hafencity during its annual birthday celebrations"
„Hamburg Hafencity Magellanterrassen“ (c) San Andreas CC BY-SA 3.0"