District Profile Roenneburg

Rönneburg is a rather rural and idyllic suburb. It has an ancient castle hill with the remains of an old monovallete. Some reet covered historical farm houses are grouped around this afforested little mountain partly alongside cobble stone pavement roads. It is the districts center.

There are no shopping facilties, though. Public transport is 1 bus line going to Harburg station and going to Hauptbahnhof takes 30 minutes. Only that the bus goes every 20 minutes only. Ignoring the time you will be stuck in traffic jam every morning in front of the Elbbrücken it does not take long into the city center: just 15 – 20 minutes. Add another 15 minutes due to traffic and that's probably it. All in all it's an ok-good connection. The district is really quiet and rural with a strong village character and a lot of gossip-over-the-fence. If you like that it is going to be tough work to become an accepted member of the community and without entering into a shooting club (or at least engaging with cakes or alike) probably very difficult. Just the same as in any other rural village somewhere in the US.

Rönneburg developed in the early 19th century, just like so many other Southern suburbs of Hamburg, when rich business men from Harburg were seeking lands within a few hours horse-riding distance. Although less often as in the closer suburbs like Wilstorf there are still some very beautiful summer houses in Rönneburg.

The East of Rönneburg is cut by the train lines. The South is meadows and farmers' land. Only the North can really be considered as residential area. There are a few newbuilding areas and other than houses are inherited. Prices are relatively low for buying land and so is he rents level. It is a normal medium income neighborhood. There are slightly above 600 children living in Rönneburg and the younger ones are taken care by the local kindergarden and primary school. 10% more than average households have children and due to the rural neighborhood they can run free and explore their world like an adventure playground without any dangerous boundaries. There are very few foreigners, however, the population of people with a migration background is more or less on average, and unemployment is extremely low, hence a certain level of tolerance can be expected. There is almost no criminality.

Average rental price per m²

7,60 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 45,6%
Houses: 54,4%


38,3% singles
24,2% families

19% < 18 years
% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Roenneburg: 56.002 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR