District Profile Heimfeld

Two thirds of Heimfeld, to the West, comprises the state forest of Hamburg with a big sports center. The Harburger mountains with their hilly landscape invite for long walks and cycling. The Meyers park is another green are were a horse riding club for children will make especially little girls smile brightly. All these green area form one huge recreational area in the West of Heimfeld. To the North East is a pure harbor area but the remaining ¼ of the district is has an urban 19th century city atmosphere with the typical Wilhelminian style town houses of the working class of that era. They are quite nice.

More to the North the area becomes a very good and popular residential area with single and two family houses and also mansions. Take a streetwalk doen Vogeler Straße, Am Fuchsberg and Haselhain. Really nice and green area.

The population of residents with a migration background is 8% higher than in other districts, however, this does not cause too many conflicts, however, it still shows with a slightly higher unemployment rate and some 7.000 EUR less average taxable income. Many foreigners live in the Bostelbeker settlement located North of Stader Straße somewhat clammed between two industrial / business areas. It was built in 1932 and is nowadays the home of many Turkish people, Polish citizens and people from Eastern Europe, living in peaceful community with Germans. The typically tiny houses align pedestrian-only small roads.

Another dense population of foreigners from allover the world, especially from India, lives in the Eastern part of the district, between Alter Postweg, Noblestraße and Stader Straße is also very multi-cultural. The houses are the former homes of the harbor workers and have a simple design and no trees hide the run-down facades. Not the most beautiful area of the district. However, a lot of them have been renovated in the last decade of the 20st century. The quarter was upgraded in a strenuous effort with green spots, playground and two newbuilding projects around the end of Alter Postweg and Gildering, close to the primary school Gumbrechtstraße.

Other newbuilding projects, such as the one aligning the Hans-Dewitz-Ring and the one at Trifftweg in the South of the district, offer affordable living prices for families with nice buildings, many playgrounds and quiet streets. It is, just like the “Fuchsberg-area” an absolutely nice residential area with the forest just over the road. The attractive environment together with the affordable prices make the whole district very popular for families. The results are 12 kindergardens, 3 primary schools and 3 secondary schools. The district is very safe.

Average rental price per m²

8,20 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 85,2%
Houses: 14,8%


55,5% singles
18,9% families

17,2% < 18 years
16,4% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Heimfeld:  28.235 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR