District Profile Cranz

Cranz is a small rural district at the Western end of Hamburg’s South. It is opposite Rissen at the Elbe river bank and only 900 residents live here. Most of the year, the four streets it is consisting of are very quiet. It is however, the door to the famous “Altes Land” which pulls millions of visitors into the year each May, when the thousands of apple trees and cherry trees blossom.

A lot of residents work at the Sietas yard nearby or at Airbus in Finkenwerder. However, a regular ferry goes from and to Blankenese and enables a better connection to the city center than going the long way on the South side of the Elbe. The ferries also take a while to cross the Elbe, and you won't be able to bring your car, thus commuting to the airport takes some good 90 minutes.

As with all of the South-Western districts there are planes taking off and landing for the Airbus site and that causes some, but limited, noise. There are two bakeries, but any other shop was able to remain profitable and residents drive to either Finkenwerder or the next bigger city, Buxtehude. On the other hand, distances to the pittoresque cafés and restaurants at Alte Land are shorter.


Average rental price per m²

7,30 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 62,6%
Houses: 37,4%


50,4% singles
17% families

15,8% < 18 years
19,4% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Cranz:  31.326 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR