District Profile Duvenstedt

Horses on the pavement, neat and beautiful houses and an active community: Duvenstedt has a rural atmosphere. Its village center though, is urban enough to satisfy most needs and very good restaurants invite to have a decent dinner. The "Gutsküche" located just over the border to Schleswig-Holstein is at Gut Wulksfelde is a well-known hot-spot. The estate offers biological products and a little zoo. It's worth the visit, especially if combined with a visit to Wohldorf’s historical heritages as described above (Duvenstedt’s neighbor).



In 1943 Karl Kaufmann had some wooden houses built for NSDAP officers, called Norwegian Quarter because the landscape reminds to Scandinavian forests. Real estate prices are little less upmarket than in Volksdorf and Wohldorf but are still at the high end of Hamburg’s prices. Residents are a little bit older than in other areas of Hamburg, but on the other hand some 35% of the residents have children. There are 5 kindergartens and 1 primary school. Average income of a taxpayer was around 52.000 EUR in 2004, the unemployment rate is slightly higher but still next to not existent with 2,1%. It is, to be honest, quite a drive to get to the city center and there is only one bus connection to the train station in Poppenbüttel.

It is just like the other Walddörfer a very good living area for families.

Average rental price per m²

10,20 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 27,6%
Houses: 72,4%


28,3% singles
32,8% families

23,2% < 18 years
18,5% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Duvenstedt: 61.306 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR