District Profile Barmbek Nord

Barmbek-Nord is a very densely populated district: around 9.700 people share one km² in this area. Everybody lives in apartments, but these are beautiful red-brick buildings from the 1930's which were formerly (and still) inhabited by working class people. The flats are cheaper than in other areas and a good number of them are still in need of renovation. It is a central and mostly beautiful area, but you should be able to accept that hanging pictures is a complicated surgical operation sometimes ending with re-plastering of the whole wall. This results in a fair m² rental price of 10,20 EUR. The district is favored by singles and couples without children, however, due to the dense population there are still a lot of kids going to 13 kindergartens, two primary schools and three secondary schools. The population is also quite mixed with regard to the nationalities: 23% have a foreign background. Residents are not so wealthy, on average they earn 10.000 EUR less than other Hamburgers. This is partly due to a slightly higher unemployment rate than the Hamburg average of 6,1%. Criminality is a bit below average.

The Osterbek channel is the main recreational area where people relax on its grassy banks or make a tour with a boat. There are plenty of restaurants, but the area is not exactly a spot for nightlife. There are two shopping areas, a smaller one is on Fuhlsbütteler Strasse and a big one is on Hamburger Strasse which also houses a Cinemaxx complex. The district’s plus is definitely the beauty of the red-brick buildings combined with low rents and the easy connection to the city center.


Average rental price per m²

10,20 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 99%
Houses: 1%


71% singles
9,1% families

9,2% < 18 years
14,1% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Barmbek-Nord:  25.545 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR