District Profile Iserbrook

Iserbrook is even more rural than Sülldorf and the former heathland is still showing through here and there. It is dominated by one-and two-family houses with often carefully grown gardens. Iserbrooks residents are a little older than those of Sülldorf; some 25% are older than 65 years. Multi-storey houses with apartments to rent are not existing and there is no industrial area. Iserbrook's name originates from iron source formerly being found in the ground. The Godefroy family had a big influence in this district, too. It built a big equestrian yard and afforested the area with 25.000 spruces.

Families appreciate this environment, as it provides enough space for children. There are ten kindergartens and two schools in Iserbrook. The roads are quiet and safe for children. The next shopping area is the big mall Elbe Einkaufszentrum, a very nice mall with a big variety of shops. Commuting to the city center is reasonably quick via the connection road B431. With public transport it is slightly less convenient as you need to take a bus to the train station in Blankenese or Nienstedten.

Average rental price per m²

9,90 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 59,4%
Houses: 40,6%


46,1% singles
20,6% families

17,4% < 18 years
25,1% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Iserbrook: 35.790 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR