District Profile Ochsenwerder

Ochsenwerder has a similar atmosphere as Spadenland, Tatenberg and Reitbrook. The houses are scattered along the Northern dike (Ochsenwerder Norderdeich) and the Southern dike (Gauerter Hauptdeich). There is one further road running through the middle of the district, however, there are only very few houses. Both dikes run along the water, hence, if you like water sports, especially canoeing or driving a motor boat, this is one of the best places to live! 95% of Ochsenwerder are farming land where vegetables and flowers are grown and cows are bred to produce tasty milk.

The district is very much preferred by families, as it offers to raise them in a peaceful area with nature all around. There is next to no criminality and there are many children. Ochsenwerder has a primary school and 2 kindergardens. A busline connects to the other primary schools and secondary schools in Bergedorf or Allermöhe.

The districts “center”on the Western border to Spadenland is around the church Pankratius and a few magnificient reet-covered farmhouses complete the idyllic postcard atmosphere. Anything but vegetables and flowers, milk and eggs must be bought in Fünfhausen, in Kirchwerder, Allermöhe or in Wilhelmsburg. Due to few traffic all reachable within 5 minutes. There is however, a bank, a butcher and a whine bistro. Bathing possibilities are in Hohendeicher See in the South, were you can also practice Windsurfing and sailing, or in Boberger See, in the North. The Eichbaumsee does not allow to swim because of the water quality, but canoeing, sailing or shipping is popular here. A sports club is located in Fünfhausen. The Marschlande also have a few very nice country restaurants.

You will need a car here, though some buses connect to the S-Bahn. By car everything is just so much more convenient! 15-20 minutes to Hamburg city center combined with a completely rural character. There is a little yard there manufacturing special vessels.

Average rental price per m²

8,50 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 29,7%
Houses: 70,3%


34,8% singles
22,2% families

16,9% < 18 years
21% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Ochsenwerder:  33.972 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR