District Profile Neuengamme

Neuengamme image is also dominated by agriculture and dikes. Many historical farm houses border the small roads on top or cower alongside the dikes. Neuengamme, however, also reminds of the criminal acts during the second world war: a former concentration camp is admonishing of how cruel mankind can be.

Most houses are single-family houses with beautiful big gardens, the image is neat and even the walkways are carefully raked – probably due to the many tourists driving through the area on weekends. Neuengamme is not a pure street village as the other three Vierlande but has a real village center with the gorgeous historical church St.Johannes. The ancient farm houses with their magnificent facades are partly from the 16th century. The Gasthof zum Elbdeich and the Schützenhof offer decent food in a cosy atmosphere. Residents go shopping in the village center, there is a small mall covering daily demands.

The farmers which were always dominating the area were growing rich during the high season of the German Brewery when supplying the hops. Up to nowadays the Hopfenmarkt in Hamburg reminds with the fountain of the “Four lands women” of the importance of the area. The average income is still among the top 20.

Around 220 children live in the district. 2 kindergardens take care of the youngest, but children in school age have to travel to the next primary respectively secondary school in Altengamme, Curslack or Bergedorf. Buses connect to them and whilst such a way to school may look dangerous at first sight on a second look it is not as bus drivers know "their" children and mostly the children of a village go together. Criminality is anyway next to not existing.

Average rental price per m²

7,80 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 25,5%
Houses: 74,5%


34% singles
23,3% families

16,9% < 18 years
21,2% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Neuengamme:  35.802 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR