District Profile Tatenberg & Spadenland

Tatenberg is known for its water park on Dove Elbe river, which spreads into a sea in this districts and allows for regatta, canoeing and sailing. A big marina is the home of hundreds of shining-white small motorboats and one can start beautiful water explorations from here. Second, Tatenberg houses one of the biggest garden colonies (probably more than 50% of the land). It is a very rural district with a small poplation.

Tatenberg’s residential area consists of 140 houses along the only road Tatenberger Deich, where the only restaurant, the Tatenberger Fährhaus is overlooking the marina and offering typical North-German food. The remaining 20% is farming land where vegetables and flowers are grown. Tatenberg is quiet, green and rural.

The connection to Hamburg city center is good, within minutes the motorway is reached from where it takes 15 minutes to the city center. There is, however, no public transport connects the Tatenberger Deich despite 4 buses stopping at the lock, but walking there is quite far.

If you like to buy a boat, Tatenberg is an ideal spot to look for a house (there are only single houses, next to no apartments). It is a family-friendly area, a sports club and the water park offer sufficient leasure activities, however, there is no kindergarden nor a school and you have to drive your children to the next instituitions in other districts. They are not too far, though, however, logistics migth be a challenge if both parents work. As there are only few houses anyway, it might be difficult to find housing here and you have to have a long breath and wait until residents move.

Average rental price per m²

7,80 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 16,7%
Houses: 83,3%


29,3% singles
28% families

17,4% < 18 years
20,9% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Tatenberg:  38.768 EUR
30.006 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR