District Profile Volksdorf

Volksdorf is one of Hamburg's most expensive areas . It is characterized by huge mansions, historical red-brick villas - the Coffee Mills, modern design houses and large gardens. It became urban earlier than the other "Walddörfer" and as such has more apartment buildings. It has a beautiful village center with all kinds of facilities and shops. It is well connected to the city center due to the train station. Average income per tax payer is 50.000 EUR which is less than one may expect when seeing all these big houses. A reason is surely that its residents are a little older than in other areas. 26% of the households have children and there are 17 kindergartens, 4 primary schools and 3 secondary schools. Delicts happen half as often as in average and you have a risk of 5,7% to suffer from criminality.


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Volksdorf houses a museum village, which allows insight into the historical farming life, and a swimming pool with a "Taka-Tuka-Land", an homage to Pippi Langstrumpf, inviting children as well as adults to spend some recreational time. The "Teichwiesen" allow for an extensive walk or jogging whilst enjoying a most beautiful view, sometimes allowing spotting some deers. In winter time the little pond, which gives the meadow its name, invites for skating.

If you want to live in a safe place with children, that's the place.