District Profile Bramfeld

Bramfeld is a nice and rather central area with a suburban character. The architecture is characterized by a good mix between one- and two-family houses and apartment blocks with up to 5 floors. A defining example of this architectural structure is located in the north Hohnerkamp settlement where right angles where largely avoided in the road layout. The architecture marks the transition between the more bourgois suburbs and the central living quarters.  There aren’t any outstanding beauties in this quarter, but green streets and a lively daytime make it a popular area. It offers affordable renting prices and a good mix in the population.

The best area is probably Karlshöhe in the North where a newly built ecological settlement was constructed. Residents are of middle income and families are predominant. The main shopping / business road is at the same time the most congestive connection to the city center called Bramfelder Chaussee. A new shopping mall has been opened recently offering more nice shopping facilitie. The one most known business is the Otto Versand, a huge mail order company.

The connection to the city center by public transport is relatively poor. Although some bus lines run through Bramfeld, there is no train station.


Average rental price per m²

9,30 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 73%
Houses: 27%


52,9% singles
16,3% families

14,1% < 18 years
22,1% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Bramfeld: 28.716 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR