District Profile Hamburg St. Georg

St. Georg is just like St. Pauli perfect for urban party people with no preconceptions.  St. Georg has long been the favorite residential area for gays. As often the case, the reality is much less exciting. It is true that in St. Georg you will see couples of same sex walking the streets, however, the gay community is less dominant nowadays and the quarter recently became a very hip place to live and real estate prices increased rapidly. You will find design lofts as well as apartments, satisfying only the very basic needs and a lot of apartment houses are still in dire need of renovation. But, you can start your nightlife right in front of your apartment and you have the city center in foot reach. The population is young and one third are foreign nationals. If you have a place to live in the side streets of the Lange Reihe you will still mostly enjoy a quite night throughout the week.



The Lange Reihe is the heart of the district and a very lively street with many small boutiques and cafes and also very good restaurants, like the Sgroi (an Italian female star cook) or the Cox or the Turnhalle. Just recently a new design hotel, The George, opened its doors and welcomes the party people on a beautiful roof terrace with a view to the lake. Another very popular shopping street is the Steindamm, which is the home of many Persian supermarkets. The Southern part of this road is dominated by the red light district with casinos, peepshows and sex cinemas.

Average rental price per m²

12,70 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 99%
Houses: 1%


68,6% singles
10,1% families

9,9% < 18 years
12,8% > 65 years

Average Income Level

St. Georg: 39.261 EUR
Hamburg average income: 35.567 EUR

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