District Profile Eissendorf

Eißendorf is beautifully located near an extensive forest and was populated with the growing industrialization in the late 19th century. It is nowadays a popular residential area in the South of Hamburg. The historical village center has some ancient wooden-framed and reet-covered farm houses to offer.

Among the Southern districts Eißendorf is one of the nicest. It is very green but still densely populated in contrast to the sometimes really rural neighbors. Many families live here and shoping facilities are existant.

Eißendorf is a nice residential area dominated by single and two-family houses. Its Southern tail is covered by the Eißendorfer forest, also covering the Southern part North of the motorway A7. That the suburb has some rural rootes which remains can be comprehended around Eißendorfer Straße. Characteristical three-storey apartment blocks built in the 1920ies are located on Adolf-von-Elm-Hof as well on Eißendorfer Straße 115-133. With its neat garden estates, gently undulating mounts it is a district being very attractive to families.

There are three apartment block areas, one around the Lühmannstraße, being white 3 storey homogenious blocks with a public school inbetween and gearing into the mentioned blocks from the early 20th century between Mehringweg and Femerlingstraße as well as Eißendorfer Straße and Hoppenstedtstraße.

South of the latter is a huge garden house area and more to the West of the same the big cemetery, deviding the very popular family area close to the Außenmühlenteich from the rest of Eißendorf. In this area closed in by Bremer Straße, Heino-Marx-Weg and Marmstorfer Weg well-kept single and two family houses with gardens benefit from the neighborhood to one of the biggest recreational area with forest, pond, sport club and garden.


Also a very nice family area dominated by single and two-family houses is the big area centered around a second village center at Hainholzweg and Strucksbarg with a post, a restaurant, pharmacy and café, playground and kindergarden. To the West of this center houses are built in loose order with many huge trees and sometimes the border to the Eißendorfer forest is hardly detectable. Big gardens as well as big houses characterize the neighborhood.

The village center with a supermarket, two pizza services, a pharmacy and a bank offer the basics to cover daily demand. It is located on Eißendorfer Straße between Hirschfeldstraße on the border to Harburg and Lübbersweg and a small center in the area of Kirchenhang.

With its good mix of nationailities, a criminality rate being significantly below average, the many children (3700) and facilities (10 Kindergardens, 2 primary und 2 secondary school, sportsclubs and recreational areas) it is a good choice as a living place – especially if your work place is in the South of Hamburg.

If it is North of the Elbe river the connection is still convenient enough. By car you either take the motorway or the B75, however, suffering from the traffic jams every morning in front of the Elbe tunnel. By public transport you need to take a bus first to get to Harburg station from where it is 14 minutes to central station – if you work anywhere in the city center it will take you probably around 45 minutes to get there.

Average rental price per m²

8,40 EUR

Building style ratio

Apartment blocks: 69,7%
Houses: 30,3%


48,7% singles
19,2% families

16,4% < 18 years
21,7% > 65 years

Average Income Level

Eißendorf:  30.756 EUR
Hamburg: 35.567 EUR